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11 October 2007

Security Council deplores Myanmar repression

Security Council deplores Myanmar repression
The United Nations Security Council has "strongly deplored" the use of violence against peaceful demonstrations in Myanmar. It has also stressed the importance of the early release of all political prisoners and remaining detainees.

Amnesty International welcomes the statement and Secretary General Irene Khan said: "It is the first formal statement from the Security Council on Myanmar, it addresses crucial human rights issues, and for the first time ever, welcomes a resolution recently adopted by the Human Rights Council."

It is now vital that the Security Council backs up its statement with concrete actions and tangible results.

"We call on the Council not only to keep the human rights situation under close and constant review, but also to set a clear timetable and benchmarks for progress," said Irene Khan.

"A first test will be whether the Council's call will result in the immediate release of the thousands of people recently detained for participating in peaceful protests, as well as Aung San Suu Kyi and other long-standing prisoners of conscience.

"Another test will be whether the government will now allow the UN human rights expert Sergio Pinheiro prompt and unhindered access to the country, as the Human Rights Council urged him to do."

There are new reports from Myanmar that the military government is continuing a 'witch-hunt' against those suspected of involvement in demonstrations.

Amnesty International urges the Security Council to immediately impose a comprehensive and mandatory arms embargo on Myanmar. It also calls on the principal suppliers of arms to Myanmar – China, India, Russia, Serbia, Ukraine and ASEAN nations - to prohibit supply of military and security equipment to Myanmar.


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