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9 October 2007

World marches for Myanmar

World marches for Myanmar

People across the globe took to the streets this weekend in support of the people of Myanmar, who continue to be subjected to mass arrests and brutal repression.

Amnesty International was among those organising marches in countries around the world including Mongolia, Malaysia, Thailand, Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US.

In London, AI Secretary General Irene Khan marched in solidarity with Burmese monks. She said: "Support is now greatly needed to keep visible pressure on the Myanmar authorities to stop the violence towards demonstrators, ensure the safety of detainees and release prisoners of conscience."

With communications greatly hampered into and out of Myanmar, making it more difficult to monitor the human rights situation, international outcry is even more essential to give a message to the Myanmar authorities that the world is still watching.

Arrests continued throughout the weekend in Myanmar, with at least 78 people taken in for questioning about their involvement in the protests, according to Myanmar state radio.

State press warned that those held over the protests could face jail sentences. The New Light of Myanmar said: "Anyone who is detained for his violation of law must be charged and serve prison terms if he is found guilty."

Lack of information about detainees remains serious. State radio reported that a total of 1,215 detainees (out of 2,171) have been freed so far. These figures were at odds with those presented by the Myanmar authorities to UN envoy Ibrahim Gambari and the Security Council, when the representative said that 2,095 people had been released, 722 of them monks. Amid widespread fear of arrest, numerous people are believed to remain in hiding.

The Myanmar government has appointed the deputy labour minister Major-General Aung Kyi to take charge of the relations with Aung San Suu Kyi.

Some of Myanmar’s internet links have reportedly been re-connected as of Monday, though they are only connected at night during the curfew hours, limiting the number of people who would be able to access the internet. 

Amnesty International, in partnership with other organisations worldwide, is continuing its global demonstrations after the day of action on Saturday 6 October 2007. All members and supporters are encouraged to join the demonstrations which will call for an end to attacks on protestors in Myanmar, the immediate release of those detained for participation in peaceful assemblies, unless they are charged with a recognisably criminal offence, as well as all prisoners of conscience and for the UN to take action now.




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