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20 January 2015
Gambian authorities should either charge or release family members of people suspected to be involved in December’s alleged failed coup, and grant them immediate access to lawyers, Amnesty International said today. »
15 May 2012

Independent media in Sudan is facing continous harrassment from the authorities, with arrests of journalists and national newspapers seized.

03 May 2012

An Amnesty International briefing released on World Press Freedom Day explores how the authorities in Sudan censor journalists.

02 May 2012

Violent clashes in the North Kivu region of DR Congo have caused at least three deaths and prompted thousands of civilians to flee the area.

01 May 2012

Amnesty International hears from journalists and bloggers across the world who face abuse and even imprisonment while trying to do their job.

26 April 2012

Today's Hague verdict for former Liberian leader Charles Taylor is a reminder that no high-ranking state official can evade justice.

26 April 2012

Charles Taylor's conviction is a milestone, but in Sierra Leone, thousands are yet to see their perpetrators brought to justice. 

25 April 2012

Ghana's prisons are rundown, overcrowded and in need of urgent reform, a new Amnesty International report reveals.

24 April 2012

An radio project in Ghana and Kenya aims to challenge public perceptions of people living in slums and give inhabitants a platform to tell their stories

23 April 2012

A major oil spill in the Niger Delta was far worse than Shell previously admitted, a new independent assessment reveals.

19 April 2012

Amnesty International is calling on the DRC to arrest Bosco Ntaganda and hand him over to the ICC to face trial without further delay.

18 April 2012

At least eight key political figures and military officials in Mali have been arbitrarily detained by armed men, and are being held incommunicado.

17 April 2012

Growing restrictions on human rights are fuelling fear and insecurity in the wake of the military coup in Guinea-Bissau.

13 April 2012

Instead of putting an end to extrajudicial executions, the Nigeria Police Force is investigating a human rights official who spoke out on the issue.

13 April 2012

Guinea-Bissau's military coup brings to the fore a number of serious unresolved human rights concerns in the West African country.

02 April 2012

Tuareg and Islamist armed groups in northern Mali have taken control of the cities of Kidal, Gao and Timbuktu amid a military coup in the country.

29 March 2012

Politicians and activists protesting a military coup in Mali have been attacked and injured during a peaceful rally in the capital Bamako.

27 March 2012

One year after the most violent battle of the post-election conflict in Côte d'Ivoire, authorities must cooperate fully with an ICC probe into human rights abuses.

23 March 2012

Leaders of the military coup against President Amadou Toumani Touré’s Mali government urged to release politicians from custody.

23 March 2012

Fires in the Nairobi slums of Kibera and Mathare have claimed the lives of three people and destroyed up to 700 homes.

21 March 2012

Six Zimbabwean activists have been fined and sentenced to carry out community service after screening a video on events in North Africa.

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