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The state of the world's human rights

Regional News

from Africa

06 May 2009
Fifteen of the eighteen Zimbabwean human rights and political activists who were re-detained yesterday have now been released on bail, though three remain in custody
03 May 2009
Press Freedom Day, 3 May, has, for a number of years, been a day in which journalists and media workers marked the deaths of increasing numbers of their colleagues a
01 May 2009
Despite the creation of a power-sharing government in February 2009, teachers in Zimbabwe continue to be victims of harassment and intimidation.
29 April 2009
The authorities in Zimbabwe have continued their persecution of two officials of the Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's party, the Movement for Democratic Change.
29 April 2009
The sentencing of eleven men on Sunday, brings to 82 the number condemned to death for their involvement in the attack against the Sudanese government in Khartoum on 1
27 April 2009
Burundi the 93rd country in the world to abolish the death penalty for all crimes, while those found guilty of engaging in consensual same-sex relations risk imprisonm
27 April 2009
Arrested for their alleged sexual conduct, the men were released from jail last week. They have since been the targets of homophobic statements by the media and an Isl
27 April 2009
Human rights defenders from across Africa say they remain deeply concerned by the threats, harassment, intimidation and physical violence they continue to face in ca
23 April 2009
The Mauritanian authorities have violently cracked down on two peaceful demonstrations this month.
22 April 2009
Ten men face imminent execution in Sudan after they were sentenced to death by a special court on 15 April.
20 April 2009
The last three political prisoners who were abducted by state agents in Zimbabwe in December 2008 were released on bail on Friday.
17 April 2009
The inclusive government is failing to tackle the problems of continued imprisonment of political prisoners, enforced disappearances and tight restrictions on media.
17 April 2009
Four men arrested in recent days in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria have apparently been forcibly disappeared by police, leading to fears that they may have been t
14 April 2009
The Sudanese government executed nine people who may have been innocent on Monday.
09 April 2009
Three senior leaders of the Sierra Leone rebel group, the Revolutionary United Front, were sentenced to long prison terms by the Special Court for Sierra Leone on We
08 April 2009
Hundreds of people held in a government-backed witch hunt in Gambia have been released without charge.
08 April 2009
A series of simultaneous press conferences were held in seven African countries on Wednesday to warn that millions of people in Darfur face death and disease.
02 April 2009
Francisco José Fadul, a Court President and former Prime Minister of Guinea-Bissau, was beaten by military personnel at his home in Bissau in the early hours
25 March 2009
Amnesty International says the visit of the Sudanese President to Egypt, should have been an opportunity to enforce the arrest warrant for war crimes issued by the Int
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