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The state of the world's human rights

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14 June 2011

Mental disability concerns and questions over possible racial discrimination lead to a call for clemency in a pending death sentence case.

08 June 2011

European countries are pressed to extradite or prosecute Guatemalan former officials over alleged human rights abuses.

08 June 2011

Authorities do little to protect rural workers in Brazil who face ongoing intimidation by hired gunmen.

07 June 2011

Members of an Indigenous community in north-western Argentina battle repeated attempts to forcibly evict them from their homes.

02 June 2011

Brazil should have consulted with Indigenous Peoples before approving construction of a megadam on their land in the Amazon.

01 June 2011

Impunity abounds in Aragua, Venezuela, as local police officers are suspected of killing seven members of one family

27 May 2011

The killing of a prominent Guatemalan trade unionist has raised fears for the safety of workers rights activists in the country.

26 May 2011

Indigenous families in Panama are at risk of being flooded out of their homes as a dam nears completion.

23 May 2011

The mother of Sheldon Gary Davis tells how he was killed by Jamaican security forces while in their custody, during the 2010 state of emergency.

20 May 2011

Following a dramatic 49-49 vote Uruguay's Parliament has failed to annul the effects of a controversial 1986 amnesty law.

19 May 2011

US president Barack Obama urged to use his speech on the Middle East to commit to the pursuit of a more even-handed approach to Arab states, with human rights at its heart.

19 May 2011

An independent and transparent investigation is needed into a new detainee death in the Guantánamo detention camp

18 May 2011

The discovery of 513 migrants being smuggled through Mexico in squalid conditions highlights the vulnerability faced by thousands.

17 May 2011
13 May 2011

Amnesty International's annual report details how the rise of social media is fuelling a new activism that repressive governments are struggling to control.

13 May 2011

As Amnesty International launches its annual report, we speak to five key human rights activists.

10 May 2011

El Salvador needs to protect journalists at a community radio station who fear for their lives after receiving a series of death threats.

06 May 2011

Ruling gives same-sex couples same rights as married heterosexuals.

04 May 2011

Amnesty International asks the US and Pakistani authorities to clarify aspects of the operation in which Osama bin Laden was killed.

26 April 2011

Amnesty International renews its call on US authorities to release or give fair trials to remaining detainees after leaked files reveal fresh details about detention centre.

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