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17 March 2010

President Raúl Castro also called upon to allow independent monitoring of the country's human rights situation by UN experts and other human rights groups.

12 March 2010

Amnesty International called on US President Barack Obama to tackle soaring rates of maternal mortality and pregnancy-related complications that particularly affect those in poverty.

05 March 2010
04 March 2010

Sara López, Joaquín Aguilar and Guadalupe Borja have been detained since July 2009 for their activities as members of a group fighting high tariffs in Campeche.

26 February 2010

Amnesty International has adopted its 55th prisoner of conscience in Cuba and urged President Raúl Castro to release him immediately and unconditionally.

25 February 2010

Speaking at an anti-death penalty summit in Geneva, Amnesty International's interim Secretary General Claudio Cordone hailed global efforts but said more needs to be done.

24 February 2010

Amnesty International has urged President Raúl Castro to release all prisoners of conscience after Orlando Zapata Tamayo died in Havana on Monday.

23 February 2010

Amnesty International urges the Nicaraguan authorities to provide a pregnant woman with cancer treatment that is currently being withheld because of a law that bans abortion. 


19 February 2010
Amnesty International has urged an investigation into the death of US video journalist Brad Will after the political activist wrongly accused of the killing was released.
17 February 2010

Henry Skinner is scheduled to become the 450th person to be executed in the state since judicial killing resumed in the USA in 1977.

16 February 2010
Not seen since they were taken in December, the three are believed to be the latest victims of human rights abuses committed by troops deployed to combat the rise of organized crime.
12 February 2010
Travis Bishop, a US army sergeant who refused to serve in Afghanistan because of his religious beliefs as a Christian, has had his year-long sentenced shortened by three months.
12 February 2010
Alberta Alcántara and Teresa González Cornelio (pictured) were sentenced to 21 years in prison in January 2009, when they were convicted of kidnapping of six police officers.
05 February 2010
Activist Ana María Pizarro, tells Amnesty International how pregnant women are at risk of losing their lives because of Nicaragua's abortion ban.
04 February 2010

The country's revised penal code stipulates prison sentences for girls and women who seek an abortion and for health professionals who provide health services associated with abortion.

29 January 2010
26 January 2010
Porfirio Lobo, who takes office on Wednesday, has been urged to see that justice is done for the victims of abuses committed by the security forces following last June's coup d'état.
22 January 2010
US authorities and UN agencies in Haiti must urgently resolve the lack of access to emergency aid for those in desperate need following last week's earthquake.
21 January 2010
Profiles of three human rights activists who face life-threatening harassment and attacks, while the government does very little to protect them.
20 January 2010

President Obama's administration has failed to match its words with concrete action when it comes to accountability and remedy for human rights violations committed in the name of 'countering terrorism'.

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