Annual Report 2013
The state of the world's human rights

Regional News

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23 July 2009
A Brazilian organization has thanked Amnesty International after an action by the organization brought safety to a peasant farmer and land rights activist.
22 July 2009
Usra al-Hussein’s imprisonment for almost a year, may have been related to her efforts to communicate with an international organization regarding the detention conditions of her husband.
07 July 2009
An investigation into 20 deaths by Rio de Janeiro's Public Prosecutors Office has implicated the officers in the formation of a death squad and unlawful killings.
06 July 2009
Protests are escalating in Honduras with reports of protestors being beaten. Nineteen-year-old protestor, Isis Obed Murillo, died from gunshot wounds on Sunday.
30 June 2009
Further demonstrations are expected in support of Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, who was ousted on Sunday.
28 June 2009
Members of a Congressional committee in Paraguay have voted against returning Indigenous lands back to the Yakye Axa community.
24 June 2009
Former detainees held by the USA at Bagram airbase in Afghanistan have told the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) how they were subjected to abuse while in cust
09 June 2009
Nine demonstrators and 24 police officers were confirmed killed during protests by Indigenous communities in the Peruvian Amazon town of Bagua.
04 June 2009
US President Barack Obama met with Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in Cairo on Thursday as he continued his trip to the Middle East.
04 June 2009
Plans to kill Marcelo Freixo and his aide were found during a long-term police operation against militia groups controlling over a hundred shantytowns in Rio de Janei
03 June 2009
Terry Lee Hankins was the 16th person to be executed in Texas this year, out of a national total of 30.
28 May 2009
Amnesty International’s Secretary General has called on the G-20 grouping that brings together the world’s leading economies to lead by example and show
28 May 2009
More than six decades of human rights failures by governments have been exacerbated by the world economic crisis, which brought the problems of poverty and inequalit
27 May 2009
A new Amnesty International campaign will empower "prisoners of poverty" as previous campaigns empowered prisoners of conscience.
22 May 2009
US President Barack Obama has restated his commitment to closing the Guantánamo detention facility and to ending the use of the so-called "enhanced inter
20 May 2009
US death row prisoner Troy Davis once again faces the prospect of an execution date.
14 May 2009
The US administration moved on Thursday to block publication of photographs depicting abuse of detainees in US custody in Afghanistan and Iraq.
12 May 2009
US-Iranian journalist Roxana Saberi was released from jail in Iran on Monday following international and domestic protests at her detention.
07 May 2009
Nine activists working for two prominent human rights organizations in Guatemala have received dozens of death threats by SMS text messages.
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