Annual Report 2013
The state of the world's human rights

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05 November 2008
Amnesty International is calling on US president elect Barack Obama to take concrete steps to demonstrate commitment to human rights.
05 November 2008
Secretary General Irene Khan talks to the people of the city of Temuco as part of a mission to assess the country's human rights situation.
04 November 2008
One hundred and forty-seven states voted overwhelmingly at the United Nations on Friday to move forward with work on the main elements of an Arms Trade Treaty.
04 November 2008
Amnesty International's Secretary General Irene Khan is leading a mission to Chile to assess the country’s human rights situation.
31 October 2008
The son of former Liberian president Charles Taylor, could face between 20 years to life imprisonment for the crimes he committed in Liberia, while serving as the hea
29 October 2008
Troy Davis was granted a provisional stay of execution on Friday, just three days before he was scheduled to be put to death.
22 October 2008
Multinational Syngenta has given its experimental farm in Paraná state to the state government, ending a long standing violent conflict over the site.
21 October 2008
Thousands of people around the world joined together on International Day for the Eradication of Poverty to raise their voices and demand action from governments.
16 October 2008
Chile's Supreme Court jailed five retired military officials on Wednesday for involvement in the "Caravan of Death" – one of the cases for which Augu
06 October 2008
As World Habitat Day focuses on the state of the housing rights situation across the globe, here are case studies from cities in Cambodia, Brazil, Italy, Israel and An
02 October 2008
Forty years ago, the Mexican army opened fire on students peacefully demonstrating in Tlatelolco, Mexico City, on 2 October 1968.
24 September 2008
Troy Davis received a stay of execution on Tuesday less than two hours before he was due to be put to death by lethal injection in Georgia.
12 September 2008
This latest initiative paves the way for other countries to follow suit, and makes Argentina the sixth country to ratify all the human rights instruments of the inte
12 September 2008
With evidence that the CIA operated a secret detention facility in Poland mounting, Amnesty International has welcomed the news that public prosecutors have initiated
29 August 2008
Organization also calls on the Argentinean authorities to investigate the 2006 disappearance of Jorge Julio López.
13 August 2008
Julia Ozorio Gamecho is the first woman to tell the Truth and Justice Commission about how she was sexually abused by the military during General Alfredo Stroessner's
08 August 2008
Convicted of  “providing material support for terrorism”, the Yemeni national was sentenced to five and a half years in prison at the first US milita
07 August 2008
José Medellín was put to death in violation of the USA’s international legal obligations and despite worldwide appeals for the execution to be st
06 August 2008
Matthew Pollard, Amnesty International's legal advisor, describes the Guantánamo hearings and discusses the reasons for his being in Guantánamo.
06 August 2008
Salim Hamdan, a Yemeni national, has been convicted by a panel of six US military officers of "providing material support for terrorism", but acquitted of &q
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