Annual Report 2013
The state of the world's human rights

Regional News

from Americas

02 April 2013

The UN has adopted a new treaty that will prohibit states from transferring arms when they know they will be used to commit or facilitate genocide, crimes against humanity or war crimes.

26 March 2013

The story of a man who spent more than half his life in a cell just three paces wide and four paces long paints a disturbing picture of justice in Louisiana, USA.

25 March 2013

Serious deficiencies in a new draft Arms Trade Treaty text would fail to prevent arms transfers to countries where they could be used to commit or facilitate summary and arbitrary killings, torture and enforced disappearances.

19 March 2013

Ex-president General Efraín Ríos Montt and his former head of military intelligence are to be tried for crimes against humanity committed against the country's Mayan communities.

19 March 2013

The US and Rwandan authorities must ensure that Bosco Ntaganda’s rights are protected pending his transfer to the ICC, where he can face a fair trial for war crimes.

18 March 2013

Activists talk to Amnesty International about the lack of basic freedoms in Cuba, 10 years on from mass crackdown.

18 March 2013

World leaders must address the poorly regulated global arms trade that fuels grave human rights abuses of tens of millions of people and claims countless lives each year, Amnesty International said from the UN.

15 March 2013

Two decades after the publication of a UN-backed Truth Commission report, survivors of human rights abuses committed during El Salvador's armed conflict (1980-1992) are still searching for justice.

12 March 2013

Arms supplied by the world’s major powers are among those contributing to the loss of hundreds of thousands of lives and blighting the livelihoods of millions of people every year.

05 March 2013

A mother of four and housewife found herself up caught up in Mexico's “war on drugs” and was tortured and sexually abused. Over two years on, no one has been held to account.

01 March 2013

Former Haitian leader Jean-Claude Duvalier faced a court hearing regarding human rights abuses committed during his time in office.

26 February 2013

Underneath the radar, away from international attention, governments and armed groups are abusing the rights of men, women and children in many countries.

26 February 2013

Colombian human rights defender Angélica Bello died on 16 February in controversial circumstances after receiving threats for her work.

22 February 2013

Paul Howell is due to be executed next week without a review of his appeal claims after his lawyer missed a filing deadline.

05 February 2013

Uruguay today provided the crucial 10th ratification of a new UN Protocol which will allow individuals and groups to seek justice if their rights are trampled on.

29 January 2013

Former Guatemalan military leader General Efraín Ríos Montt and his  head of military intelligence will stand trial for the massacre of almost 2,000 people in the 1980s.

22 January 2013

A prosecutor in the Dominican Republic has filed charges against state agents for the murder of two men in 2009, just another example of the pressing need for radical police reform.

21 January 2013

In 2012 alone, around 560 women were murdered across the Central American country, many after being sexually assaulted.

17 January 2013

Authorities in Guatemala are putting the lives of women at risk by systematically failing to protect them and ensure those responsible for the hundreds of killings that take place each year face justice.

11 January 2013

Three years on from the Haiti earthquake the housing situation in the country is nothing short of catastrophic with hundreds of thousands of people living in fragile shelters ever since.

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