Annual Report 2013
The state of the world's human rights

Regional News

from Asia and the pacific

04 July 2012

Dozens of Uighurs who disappeared following mass arrests in the wake of a major protest in 2009 are still missing.

27 June 2012

Pakistan’s flip-flop over a decision to commute Indian national Sarabjit Singh’s capital sentence to a life term is a cruel blow to him and his family.

22 June 2012

The deaths of 15 civilians in a Taleban attack on a hotel outside Kabul underscores the need to bring to justice all those responsible for war crimes.

15 June 2012

Burmese opposition leader and former prisoner of conscience Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is currently visiting Europe.

11 June 2012

Just six countries are responsible for around three-quarters of the world's arms exports by value.

09 June 2012

Asma Jahangir, Pakistan's pre-eminent human rights lawyer, fears for her life after learning of the security forces' alleged death plot against her.

07 June 2012

Li Wangyang, who was released from prison last year, was found dead in his ward, prompting outrage in China's activist community.

01 June 2012

Chinese authorities have reportedly detained hundreds of people in Lhasa after two self-immolations in the Tibetan capital.

29 May 2012

Last year's killing of Saleem Shahzad highlighted the perils faced by journalists in Pakistan.

24 May 2012

Amnesty International releases its flagship yearly report documenting the state of the world's human rights.

09 May 2012

Yong Vui Kong, who was 19 when he was first arrested for possessing 47g of heroin in 2007, faces imminent execution.

08 May 2012

The expulsion of an Al-Jazeera journalist from China is part of a wider clampdown on foreign reporters in the country.

04 May 2012

China says activist Chen Guangcheng will be allowed to go abroad to study but his wider family is still in detention.

03 May 2012

Promises to Chen Guangcheng that he can live a normal life if he remains in China must be viewed with extreme caution, Amnesty International said.

02 May 2012

The US must guarantee Chen Guangcheng’s safety and insist China protect the rights of the activist and his family, Amnesty International said.

01 May 2012

Amnesty International hears from journalists and bloggers across the world who face abuse and even imprisonment while trying to do their job.

27 April 2012

Fears have risen for blind Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng who made a bold escape from illegal house arrest.

26 April 2012

Prominent Cambodian enviromental activist Chut Wutty, an outspoken critic of illegal logging, has been shot dead in Koh Kong province.

25 April 2012

Despite a decade of supposed reform, Indonesian police officers continue to be implicated in shootings and beatings of peaceful individuals.

24 April 2012

Two men were killed in clashes between protesters and police amid a spate of disappearances in Bangladesh.

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