Annual Report 2013
The state of the world's human rights

Regional News

from Asia and the pacific

21 September 2012

Three Vietnamese bloggers face up to 20 years in jail simply for exercising their right to freedom of expression.

20 September 2012

The public flogging of a 16-year-old girl by a local mullah in Afghanistan is abhorrent and testifies to the precarious situation of women and girls in Afghanistan.

13 September 2012

Afghanistan’s Parliament must not appoint a new national intelligence director before investigating claims of his involvement in torture and other abuses.

05 September 2012

Maldivian security forces have continued to commit serious human rights violations since the transfer of presidential power in February.

28 August 2012

The UK-registered mining company Vedanta has attempted to “gloss over” criticisms of its poor human rights record in India's Orissa state.

21 August 2012

Pakistan's government must reform blasphemy laws and ensure the safety of Ramsha Masih, a Christian girl held for allegedly committing blasphemy, Amnesty International said.

14 August 2012

Despite its involvement in Timor-Leste since June 1999, the UN has failed to meet its commitments to ensure justice for victims.

07 August 2012

Mass arrests at a peaceful protest in Ha Noi are just the latest blow to freedom of expression in Viet Nam.

19 July 2012

Six weeks after a state of emergency was declared in Myanmar’s Rakhine State, targeted attacks and other violations by security forces against minority Rohingyas and other Muslims have increased.

18 July 2012

Justice for abuses suffered at the hands of US authorities remains a remote prospect for Guantanamo detainee Majid Khan

04 July 2012

Some 80 prisoners have been released by the Burmese authorities on "humanitarian grounds".

04 July 2012

Dozens of Uighurs who disappeared following mass arrests in the wake of a major protest in 2009 are still missing.

27 June 2012

Pakistan’s flip-flop over a decision to commute Indian national Sarabjit Singh’s capital sentence to a life term is a cruel blow to him and his family.

22 June 2012

The deaths of 15 civilians in a Taleban attack on a hotel outside Kabul underscores the need to bring to justice all those responsible for war crimes.

15 June 2012

Burmese opposition leader and former prisoner of conscience Daw Aung San Suu Kyi is currently visiting Europe.

11 June 2012

Just six countries are responsible for around three-quarters of the world's arms exports by value.

09 June 2012

Asma Jahangir, Pakistan's pre-eminent human rights lawyer, fears for her life after learning of the security forces' alleged death plot against her.

07 June 2012

Li Wangyang, who was released from prison last year, was found dead in his ward, prompting outrage in China's activist community.

01 June 2012

Chinese authorities have reportedly detained hundreds of people in Lhasa after two self-immolations in the Tibetan capital.

29 May 2012

Last year's killing of Saleem Shahzad highlighted the perils faced by journalists in Pakistan.

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