Annual Report 2013
The state of the world's human rights

Regional News

from Asia and the pacific

18 November 2009
Amnesty International has urged newly re-elected President Hamid Karzai to prioritize human rights and the rule of law in his second term.
13 November 2009
10 November 2009
Following the execution of eight Uighurs and one Han Chinese individual, charged with offences committed during the July riots, the authorities have prosecuted a further 20 suspects.
05 November 2009
The European Union and India should work together at the United Nations to protect human rights in places of crisis, Amnesty International has said in a letter ahead of the EU India summit in New Delhi.
30 October 2009
Amnesty International has called for a credible and transparent investigation into the 4 September airstrike in Kunduz that killed scores of people, many of them civilians.
30 October 2009
Hairat Niyaz has been detained since 1 October. He is thought at risk of torture and ill-treatment. Family and friends believe his detention is due to comments he made about the recent unrest.
28 October 2009
Amnesty International has condemned the Taleban's attack on a guesthouse hosting staff from the United Nations in Kabul, that killed at least six civilian UN staff.
28 October 2009
Two female editors at national newspaper the Sunday Leader have received death threats. The paper's founder and former Editor-in-Chief was murdered in January.
28 October 2009
Yoab Syatfle, a political activist in the Indonesian province of West Papua, has received six anonymous SMS messages warning him that he will be killed if he leaves his home.
22 October 2009
The military has refused to allow members of the tribe to use major roads to flee the government’s latest offensive against the Pakistani Taleban, witnesses have told Amnesty International.
20 October 2009
The Afghan government and its international supporters must immediately set out a clear and effective plan to ensure a credible second round of presidential election voting.
19 October 2009
The government of Pakistan remains woefully under-prepared for a displacement crisis in South Waziristan as civilians flee the region following three days of heavy fighting.
16 October 2009
The government of Pakistan must urgently prepare for a displacement crisis as civilians flee South Waziristan ahead of an expected military assault, Amnesty International said.
16 October 2009
15 October 2009
Mongolian prisoner Buuveibaatar has had his death sentence commuted after being granted a pardon by the country's President, Ts. Elbegdorj.
08 October 2009
A quarter of a million Sri Lankans now being held in de facto detention camps are facing a humanitarian disaster as monsoon rains threaten to flood camps.
07 October 2009
Since the August polls, Amnesty International has received evidence of harassment and violence against the media by supporters of President Hamid Karzai and his chief election rival, Abdullah Abdullah.
30 September 2009
The government's increased surveillance, harassment and imprisonment of activists is to prevent them from raising human rights concerns that challenge the authorities' image of social harmony.
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