Annual Report 2013
The state of the world's human rights

Regional News

from Asia and the pacific

12 February 2009
An estimated 1,200 have been killed and hundreds of thousands displaced as a result of fighting between Pakistani Taleban groups and the military.
11 February 2009
Over 50 people were killed after literal witch hunts in 2008. Further killings related to allegations of sorcery have happened already this year.
10 February 2009
As the fighting continues between government forces and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), civilians pay the price for both parties' disregard for internatio
06 February 2009
Amnesty International has said that the Chinese government’s report to the UN Universal Periodic Review whitewashes serious human rights abuses being committed
06 February 2009
Amnesty International has called for a temporary truce and for the creation of humanitarian corridors to allow more than quarter of a million trapped civilians to es
02 February 2009
Hundreds of Myanmar's Rohingya people are missing at sea and many more are at risk of drowning after Thai authorities forcibly expelled large groups of Rohingyas see
29 January 2009
A prominent human rights lawyer in Indonesia has been cleared of charges relating to a text message he is alleged to have sent to his friends and family contacts.
28 January 2009
In his inaugural address, President Barack Obama rejected as "false" the choice between safety and respect for human rights.
28 January 2009
More than 300,000 civilians are now trapped in the north-eastern part of Sri Lanka as the fighting between Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and the army intensifies.
27 January 2009
Cambodian security forces and demolition workers carried out the evictions of 152 families from Dey Kraham community in the early hours of Saturday.
15 January 2009
As the Indian Foreign Secretary visits Sri Lanka, an open letter from Amnesty International urges him to raise concerns over the safety of displaced civilians trapped
15 January 2009
Five people were killed during riots in Mongolia last July. Ten police officers were arrested and charged with premeditated murder but have since been released on bail
15 January 2009
Papua's High Court has extended the prison sentences of 11 protesters who were appealing their conviction merely because they displayed a banned flag. 
14 January 2009
Authorities in Shanghai detained a prominent female activist on Monday and assigned her to seven days administrative detention.
13 January 2009
In a recent effort to clean up 'vulgar' internet content, the Chinese authorities have targeted many other sites including MSN, Baidu and Google.
07 January 2009
One of China's best-known dissidents has been under house arrest since 8 December, after he signed a campaign for political and rights reform in China, known as Charte
05 January 2009
Two men wrongfully convicted of the murder of trade union leader Chea Vichea, have been released on bail after nearly five years in prison.
23 December 2008
After more than 14 days in detention, it appears that Chinese authorities intend to seriously prosecute the dissident literary scholar, Liu Xiaobo.
23 December 2008
Two men convicted of the murder of a trade union activist after a seriously flawed criminal investigation and a grossly unfair trial will have their case heard by the
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