Annual Report 2013
The state of the world's human rights

Regional News

from Asia and the pacific

22 November 2013

The provisional release of housing rights activist Yorm Bopha does not go far enough, Amnesty International said, after Cambodia’s Supreme Court today released her on bail and sent her case back to the Appeals Court.

21 November 2013

Thousands of Indonesian women trafficked to Hong Kong risk slavery-like conditions as domestic workers, with both governments failing to protect them from widespread abuse and exploitation.

21 November 2013

Almost 4 million Indonesians have officially migrated abroad for work since 2006. The majority of them are women who take on domestic work in private homes. Here're some of their stories.

20 November 2013

Afghan leaders meeting in Kabul this week should demand accountability for war crimes allegedly committed by US military forces in the country, said Amnesty International.

19 November 2013

Cambodia must free housing rights activist Yorm Bopha, Amnesty International said as it launched a worldwide campaign for her release just days before her Supreme Court appeal.

18 November 2013

The execution of a Pakistani man in Indonesia on Sunday, carried out in secret, is a shocking and regressive step.

17 November 2013

The international community must keep up pressure on the Sri Lankan government to address its human rights crisis as the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) draws to a close.

15 November 2013

When world leaders disembark in Colombo for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting this week, they will have to look beyond newsstands to find out what is really going on in Sri Lanka.

15 November 2013

The release of several prisoners of conscience in Myanmar today is a positive step, but time is running out for the government to keep its promise to release everyone imprisoned for peaceful activism by the year’s end.

15 November 2013

China’s reported decision to abolish "re-education through labour" camps nationwide will be little more than a cosmetic measure unless the authorities tackle the deeply entrenched abuses of the country’s overall detention system.

14 November 2013

The reduction of a death sentence to life imprisonment for a convicted drug trafficker in Singapore must now be followed by continued reforms, Amnesty International said.

13 November 2013

Commonwealth leaders must use their summit in Colombo this week to pressure the Sri Lankan authorities to end their alarming crackdown on civil society.

07 November 2013

The Vietnamese authorities must end their alarming crackdown on dissent and immediately put in place measures to protect activists from further harassment and imprisonment simply for exercising their rights.

05 November 2013

Today’s death sentences handed down by a Bangladeshi court to 152 people involved in a 2009 mutiny are a perversion of justice, Amnesty International said.

31 October 2013

Today’s arrest of 19 people involved in a peaceful protest against the demolition of a historical village in Malaysia shows once again how the country’s authorities are taking a hard line against human rights defenders.

22 October 2013

New evidence indicates that the USA has carried out unlawful killings in Pakistan through drone attacks, some of which could even amount to war crimes.

17 October 2013

Diplomats from Commonwealth countries meeting in London today must push Sri Lanka to end its continuing crackdown on human rights defenders.

17 October 2013

Okunishi Masaru, who has spent more than 40 years facing execution and is one of the oldest death row prisoners in the world, has had his seventh request for a retrial turned down.

10 October 2013

Sri Lanka’s reported decision to ban all protests around a key Commonwealth summit would be a blatant attempt to sweep human rights abuses under the carpet.

09 October 2013

The UN Security Council must ensure that the protection of civilians and the promotion of human rights lie at the heart of Afghan and international efforts in Afghanistan.

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