Annual Report 2013
The state of the world's human rights

Regional News

from Europe and central asia

07 September 2012

The sinking of a boat carrying migrants off Lampedusa underscores why the EU must do more to save the lives of those dying on its doorstep.

06 September 2012

More than 100 Romani adults and children face forced eviction from an informal settlement in northern Romania.

04 September 2012

More progress is needed in a cross-border investigation into former officials accused of extrajudicial executions in Guatemala.

31 August 2012

As the school year is about to begin in Slovakia, Romani families are dreading the prospect of their children being segregated from their classmates.

30 August 2012

Around the world, millions of people live in inadequate conditions in slums and informal settlements.

29 August 2012

Some 14,000 people remain unaccounted for in the former Yugoslavia – nearly half of the total number who disappeared in the decade after war broke out in 1991.

21 August 2012

French cabinet members must take action to halt forced evictions of Roma communities and set a housing policy that respects and protects their rights.

17 August 2012

A Russian court's decision today to jail members of the punk rock protest band Pussy Riot is a bitter blow for freedom of expression in the country.

15 August 2012

Such attacks are unacceptable and the authorities must do all within their power to calm their rise.

15 August 2012

Authorities urged to act after far-right groups attacked Roma residents in the western village of Devecser.

08 August 2012

A large number of the 7,500 foreign nationals arrested in Athens over the last few days reported to be of Asian, African and North African origin.

03 August 2012

More than 40 Roma families face a possible forced eviction this weekend in the north-eastern Czech Republic town of Ostrava.

30 July 2012

Court sentences 70-year-old Ramze Shihab Amhed to 15 years in prison after 'grossly unfair' trial that relied on 'torture' evidence.

25 July 2012

Members of the band will stay in pre-trial custody for six more months after singing a protest song in Moscow’s main Orthodox church in February.

24 July 2012

A Belarus photographer faces seven years in prison after posting pictures of a pro-free speech stunt involving teddy bears

20 July 2012

Members of the Russian punk band 'Pussy Riot' have been jailed for six more months after performing an anti-Putin protest song in a church.

19 July 2012

Action by Amnesty International has prompted Serbian authorities to supply drinking water to evicted Roma families.

14 July 2012

Authorities urged to end impunity for the murder of human rights activists in the North Caucasus, three years after the killing of Natalia Estemirova.

13 July 2012

A bill that could stifle critical voices in Russia by restricting the independence of NGOs has been approved by the Duma.

10 July 2012

Russian government to halt new deals with the Syrian government, whilst continuing to honour existing arms contracts.

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