Annual Report 2013
The state of the world's human rights

Regional News

from Middle east and north africa

11 January 2011

The Egyptian authorities must stop the harassment and intimidation of the family of a man allegedly tortured to death in detention following a January church bombing.

11 January 2011

Amnesty International warns against further arrests after President Ben Ali's speech on national television about the ongoing nationwide demonstrations.

11 January 2011

Amnesty International has condemned an Israeli court extension of the prison sentence of a Palestinian activist, convicted for peaceful protesting in the occupied West Bank.

10 January 2011

Human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh and journalist Shiva Nazar Ahari were sentenced on charges relating to their human rights work after the country's disputed 2009 presidential elections.

10 January 2011

Amnesty International has urged the Tunisian authorities to ensure the safety of anti-government protesters after security forces reportedly killed at least 23 people in protests over the weekend, amid reports of further deaths on Monday.

07 January 2011

At least two people have been killed in an ongoing crackdown by the authorities on a wave of protests sparked by the attempted suicide of a young fruit seller who later died of his injuries.

07 January 2011

Qusay 'Abdel-Razaq Zabib was detained for over two years because he was suspected of having links to armed groups.

24 December 2010

Amnesty International has called on the Iranian authorities to halt the imminent execution of a Kurdish law student, scheduled for 26 December, and to commute his death sentence.

22 December 2010

Amnesty International has called on the Iraqi authorities to free a police officer, initially detained because he was suspected of having links to armed groups, who has been held for over a month after an order for his release was made.

21 December 2010

Amnesty International condemns the execution of those accused of links to the bomb attack in Chabahar that killed more than 39 people last week.

21 December 2010

Amnesty International today called upon the Yemeni authorities to halt the imminent execution of a young man for a crime he is alleged to have committed at the age of 15.

20 December 2010

Amnesty International has called on the Iraqi government to do more to protect the country’s Christian minority from an expected spike in violent attacks as they prepare to celebrate Christmas.

17 December 2010

Ali Aarrass, who is accused of terrorism-related offences, is believed to be at serious risk of human rights violations amid persistent reports of abuses by Moroccan security forces.

10 December 2010

State-controlled channel Press TV is to broadcast a new "confession" by Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani who faces possible execution.

07 December 2010

The wife of a British man held without charge in Iraq for a year is calling on the UK government to step up its efforts to secure the release of her husband.

07 December 2010

Dozens of Israel’s municipal chief rabbis have issued a religious ruling banning Jews from leasing or selling properties to Arabs.

03 December 2010

Jawad al-Bolani condemned for parading the 39 men before journalists, handcuffed and clad in orange jumpsuits and calling for their swift execution.

01 December 2010

A leaked cable confirms images released by Amnesty International showing that the US military carried out a missile strike in south Yemen that killed dozens of local residents.

01 December 2010

Shahla Jahed, the temporary wife of Nasser Mohammad-Khani, a former striker for the Iranian national team, has been hanged for stabbing to death her husband's permanent wife.

30 November 2010

In a new report, Amnesty International and other human rights organizations show how Israel's failure to lift the blockade is depriving Palestinians of access to clean water, electricity, jobs, and desperately-needed materials for construction projects.

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