Annual Report 2013
The state of the world's human rights

Regional News

from Middle east and north africa

05 February 2010
The UN Secretary-General has "missed an opportunity" by failing to make an assessment of the credibility of Israeli and Palestinian investigations into violations during the Gaza conflict.
02 February 2010
Muhammad al-Maqalih is thought to have been detained for his comments on the government's conduct in the ongoing conflict in the northern region of  Sa'da.
02 February 2010
Amnesty International says it fears the authorities are planning to execute some or all of the nine before 11 February, the anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution.
02 February 2010
Israel’s latest response to the UN on its investigations into alleged violations of international law by its forces in Gaza a year ago is totally inadequate.
28 January 2010
Amnesty International has condemned the execution of two men arrested during protests that followed Iran's disputed presidential election last year.
26 January 2010
Amnesty International deplores the execution in Baghdad of ‘Ali Hassan al-Majeed, also known as Chemical Ali, for his involvement in one of the worst atrocities committed under the government of Saddam Hussain.
25 January 2010
Ahead of an international high level meeting in London, Amnesty International has highlighted an increase in human rights abuses against those who criticize or oppose the government.
25 January 2010
A brief summary of Amnesty International's assessment of the situation in the country.
22 January 2010
Habibollah Latifi was sentenced to death in 2008 in connection with his links to a banned Kurdish organization.
22 January 2010
Amnesty International has urged the Saudi Arabian authorities not to carry out the public flogging of a 13-year-old girl charged with assaulting a teacher at her school.
19 January 2010
Hisham Bashraheel and his sons were arrested after taking part in a sit-in protest to mark eight months since they were banned from printing and distributing the al-Ayyam newspaper.
19 January 2010
Anissa 'Uthman, a journalist working for weekly newspaper al-Wassat, faces a three month prison sentence after she was convicted of defaming President ‘Ali ‘Abdullah Saleh.
18 January 2010
Israel must end its suffocating blockade of the Gaza Strip, which leaves more than 1.4 million Palestinians cut off from the outside world and struggling with desperate poverty.
18 January 2010
Amnesty International has called on the Iraqi authorities to halt the mounting number of death sentences being handed out in the run-up to delayed national elections in March.
15 January 2010
Amnesty International welcomes the release of Palestinian activist Mohammed Othman but is concerned Israel has imposed conditions on him.
13 January 2010
Amnesty International questioned a decision by a court in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to acquit a sheikh and member of Abu Dhabi’s ruling family who was charged with causing the assault and rape of a man in 2004.
13 January 2010
Amnesty International has welcomed the release of Palestinian human rights activist Jamal Juma’, one of the campaigners detained by the Israeli military last year.
13 January 2010
Amnesty International has urged the Iranian authorities to release seven members of the Baha'i religious minority who appear to be facing a "show trial" in Tehran on a collection of spurious charges.
11 January 2010
08 January 2010
Three men, including prominent human rights campaigner Jamal Juma', are being held for legitimately voicing their opposition to the construction of the West Bank fence/wall.
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