Annual Report 2013
The state of the world's human rights

Regional News

from Middle east and north africa

02 February 2009
Four Egyptian newspaper editors convicted of publishing offences under a controversial press law have had their one-year prison sentences overturned by a Cairo Appea
28 January 2009
Those who watched Barack Obama take office on 20 January were part of a far-reaching celebration of the once seemingly impossible becoming reality.
28 January 2009
In his inaugural address, President Barack Obama rejected as "false" the choice between safety and respect for human rights.
28 January 2009
Emergency medical rescue workers, including doctors, paramedics and ambulance drivers, have repeatedly come under fire from Israeli forces in the Gaza conflict while c
27 January 2009
An anti-personnel weapon designed to penetrate dense vegetation, flechettes should never be used in built-up civilian areas.
26 January 2009
Disclosure of weapons and munitions used by the Israeli armed forces, would mean that medical staff were better equipped to treat victims of the three week military ca
26 January 2009
As people try to put their lives back together, the threat of renewed conflict is all too real. The ceasefire has now officially run out, and there is anxiety about
23 January 2009
Houses have been looted, vandalized and desecrated. Israeli soldiers have left behind not only mounds of litter and excrement but ammunition and other military equipme
22 January 2009
Amnesty International's fact-finding team has visited refugee camps and spoken to survivors of the Israeli bombardments during the three week long conflict which bega
21 January 2009
Thousands of people who fled their homes for fear of Israeli attacks, are returning to find them destroyed. The fact-finding mission spoke to them, and to doctors abou
20 January 2009
Israeli shelling has flattened previously busy neighbourhoods into moonscapes. 'There is no camera lens wide enough to embrace the sheer dimensions of the devastation.
19 January 2009
An Amnesty International fact-finding team has described how they found evidence of widespread use of white phosphorus by that the Israeli army in densely populated
19 January 2009
Amnesty International delegates found still-burning white phosphorus wedges all around densely populated civilian residential areas of Gaza City on Sunday.
15 January 2009
At least 900 Palestinians have so far been killed, as more foreign weaponry and other military equipment is being used to fuel the fighting.
15 January 2009
Israeli army shells are reported to have struck a United Nations compound in Gaza City on Thursday morning, injuring three people.
14 January 2009
As evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity mounts daily in Gaza, there are growing calls for an investigation into the conduct of all parties to the confl
12 January 2009
Amnesty International has written to the United Nations Security Council calling for the establishment of full accountability for crimes committed in Gaza conflict a
08 January 2009
Both Israeli soldiers and Palestinian fighters are endangering the lives of Palestinian civilians – including by using them as human shields, says Amnesty Intern
08 January 2009
Detained without charge for six months, brothers Arash and Kamiar Alaei could now face up to ten years in prison for 'cooperation' with an 'enemy government'.
08 January 2009
EU Foreign Ministers urged to pressure Israel to end attacks which are directed at civilians or civilian buildings in the Gaza Strip, and to allow much needed humanita
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