Annual Report 2013
The state of the world's human rights

Regional News

from Middle east and north africa

12 May 2009
Two men who were juveniles at the time of their alleged crimes were among five men beheaded in Saudi Arabia on Sunday.
11 May 2009
A blockade by security forces of the offices of a Yemeni newspaper, aiming to prevent distribution of copies of the paper, has entered its second week.
07 May 2009
07 May 2009
The lives of migrants and asylum-seekers have been put at risk by a squabble between the Italian and Maltese authorities over their obligations to respond to maritim
03 May 2009
Press Freedom Day, 3 May, has, for a number of years, been a day in which journalists and media workers marked the deaths of increasing numbers of their colleagues a
01 May 2009
Iranian authorities executed Delara Darabi on Friday morning, Amnesty International has revealed.
01 May 2009
As workers around the world unite on May Day, two of Iran's most prominent trade unionists languish in prison.
01 May 2009
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) authorities have announced that they will open an investigation into allegations of serious criminal assault committed by a member of
27 April 2009
Iranian-American journalist Roxana Saberi, who was jailed for eight years for spying earlier this month, has pledged to stay on hunger strike until she is released.
24 April 2009
The Israel Defense Forces' probe has concluded that it committed no human rights violations and made only rare mistakes, some of which may have resulted in the killing
23 April 2009
Amnesty International has written an open letter to Lebanon's political leaders calling on them to put human rights at the centre of their election campaign.
23 April 2009
Condoleezza Rice approved the use of “water-boarding” in 2002 according to information released on Wednesday by the US Senate Select Committee on Intelli
23 April 2009
Nechirvan Barzani promised to make the security forces accountable for cases of arbitrary detention, torture, enforced disappearances and other ill-treatment.
22 April 2009
A Yemeni woman is facing imminent execution accused of killing her husband only days after the execution of another woman for similar charges. 
21 April 2009
Iran has been urged to release the Iranian-American journalist Roxana Saberi, who was sentenced to eight years in jail after being convicted as a spy.
20 April 2009
Women and girls in Iraq are suffering from systematic violence and a sustained assault on their human rights.
20 April 2009
The execution of the Iranian woman convicted of murdering a relative when she was 17 has been postponed.
17 April 2009
Delara Darabi, an Iranian woman convicted of murdering a relative when she was 17, is reported to be facing execution in the next few days.
14 April 2009
The authorities in Bahrain released all 178 political prisoners on Sunday after they were pardoned by the King of Bahrain.
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