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31 January 2011

Photographies du mouvement de protestation en Égypte

Photographies du mouvement de protestation en Égypte

Choisissez l'option « plein écran » et cliquez sur « Afficher les infos » pour accéder aux légendes des photographies (en anglais).

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Les exigences de changement en Afrique du Nord et au Moyen-Orient (microsite)


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25 July 2014

The sentencing of a newspaper editor and a human rights lawyer to two years in prison on charges of contempt of court after a grossly unfair trial in Swaziland is an outrageous... Read more »

24 July 2014

The prolonged execution of a prisoner in Arizona yesterday represents another wake-up call for authorities in the USA to abolish the death penalty, said Amnesty International... Read more »

22 July 2014

Indonesia’s new President Joko Widodo must deliver on campaign promises to improve Indonesia’s dire human rights situation, Amnesty International said.

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24 July 2014

Poland is the first European Union member state to be found complicit in the USA’s rendition, secret detention, and torture of alleged terrorism suspects, Amnesty International... Read more »

25 July 2014

Amnesty International's experts respond to some of the questions raised around the Israel/Gaza conflict.

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