Annual Report 2013
The state of the world's human rights

Art for Amnesty

Amnesty International has a proud history of working with musicians, actors, comedians and others in the artistic community. They have added their impassioned voices to those of millions of other Amnesty International members worldwide and used their skills and talents to spread the message.

Art for Amnesty is a global project that aims to increase artistic support for our human rights work.

“Arts and artists have a unique power to bring people together and inspire positive action. Amnesty… recognizes that power and uses it to call for change” – Annie Lennox.

Amnesty International is thrilled to be working with a range of arts organizations and artists who are all adding their voice to our campaigns and reaching out to their audiences to ask them to do the same.

Throughout our 50th anniversary year we are asking artists to support us and promote our work. See our priority campaigns »

Who works with us

Femi Kuti.
© Amnesty International (Photo: Bernd Ott)


Femi Kuti

“My father, Fela Kuti, was released from prison [in Nigeria] in 1986, after Amnesty International took him on as a prisoner of conscience. So I am one of the thousands of people whose life has been directly affected by Amnesty’s work. Please support Amnesty by taking action for those whose freedom of expression has been taken away from them and human rights are being denied.”

Femi is supporting our Niger Delta campaign in our anniversary year.


As the worldwide U2 360º Tour carries on to North America and Canada Amnesty International’s global Demand Dignity campaign will continue to invite fans to campaign against global poverty.

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The xx
In September 2010 The xx auctioned off their famous lightboxes in aid of one of their favourite charities, Amnesty International. The lightboxes toured the world with the band throughout 2010 in support of their Mercury Prize-winning debut album xx.

Joining the trio on stage at many of these shows were two large, black lightboxes, each emblazoned with a simple and large “X”.


During his concert in Chile, Moby met Amnesty International activists and recorded this message, urging people to continue to support the organization.

See what this Grammy Award-winning musician has to say about Amnesty International »


Mentalgassi are an anonymous German street art collective. In November 2010 they created art installations for our project “Making the Invisible Visible”. They highlighted the case of Troy Davis, a man who has been on death row for 19 years in the USA despite serious doubts about his conviction.

The installation uses a series of posters attached to fence railings. If you stand directly in front you see nothing but bars, and Troy’s face only becomes visible from an angle – see a short video of the project »

Arts partnerships

Hay Festival of Literature and Arts

Amnesty International is the global partner for the Hay Festival of Literature and Arts from May 2011 to May 2012. The festival brings together authors, politicians and creative thinkers to explore and share great writing across all mediums. The Hay festival celebrates the power of words and ideas and how they can shape and change the world.

Since its inception, Amnesty International has harnessed the power of words to call for the rights of each and every human being to be respected and protected. Whether through conversations, letter-writing or peaceful protest, around the world people have expressed their opinions to change laws and change lives.

Find out more about Amnesty International at Hay Wales »

Aftermath is a play based on interviews with 37 Iraqi civilians displaced by the violence of war and driven to seek refuge in Jordan. It portrays the experiences of an extraordinary cross section of Iraqi society since the US invasion, vividly bringing to life the realities of war, its victims and the appalling carnage of the conflict in which over 4 million Iraqis have been displaced.

Amnesty International has partnered with Aftermath on its worldwide tour that started in London and continued to Ireland, France, the Netherlands, the USA and Australia. Throughout the tour, audiences took action to stop forcible returns of Iraqi nationals to Baghdad, and - indicative of the play’s strength - when it was performed in London over 60 per cent of the audience took part in the campaign.

Watch a short video about the production »

Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation
In our 50th anniversary year we are working with the Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation to create greater impact around our human rights work.

The first Amnesty International event was held at the Good Pitch – which brings together filmmakers, NGOs, foundations, philanthropists, brands and media around leading social issues – at the Ford Foundation, New York, on 20th May 2011.

U2 perform in Sao Paulo.
© Amnesty International

The xx.
© XL Recordings

Mentalgassi's art installation “Making the Invisible Visible”
© Amnesty International

Aftermath, the play.
© ArKtype

Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation.
© Channel 4 BRITDOC Foundation

Contact us

Our work with the arts allows us to reach out to new supporters worldwide. Amnesty International currently has more than 3 million supporters, members and activists all over the world who campaign to end human rights abuses.

    The Art for Amnesty team comprises:
    • Jo Metcalf - Head of Art for Amnesty
    • Camilla Kinchin - Art for Amnesty Project Manager
    • Lucy Macnamara - Art for Amnesty Communications Manager

    Please contact us to find out more at

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