05 July 2011
Stop the forced eviction of Roma from Cluj-Napoca, Romania

More than 400 people living in a Romani settlement in Cantonului Street at the outskirts of Cluj-Napoca are at risk of being forcibly evicted. A public company, National Railways (CFR) SA Bucuresti which administers the land in the area, requested a court order for the immediate removal of the houses.

If the court authorizes the removal, essential human rights safeguards must be observed by Romanian authorities. In the event of forced eviction the Romani families are facing a risk of being left homeless or being resettled next to a long-standing Romani settlement in Pata Rat.

Some of the families were reportedly relocated to Cantonului Street by the municipal authorities in 2000. In some cases, the dwellers had a verbal agreement with the municipality to construct houses. There were also individuals and families who had rental agreements with the municipality.

Photograph: Dwellings at the Romani settlement on Cantonului Street © Grupul de Lucru al Organizaţiilor Civice (GLOC) www.gloc.ro

Please sign the petition targeting the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, the General Director of National Railways (CFR) SA Bucuresti and the Mayor of Cluj-Napoca


Dear Minister / General Director / Mayor
I am writing to express my concern over the threat of forced eviction of approximately 400 people, including families with children, from Cantonului Street, Cluj-Napoca, from a public land administered by the CFR SA, a public company operating under the Ministry of Transport.

Evictions carried out without adequate notice, without genuine consultation on alternatives and without provision of adequate alternative accommodation and compensation, are considered forced evictions and are illegal under international law binding Romanian authorities.
In that regard I urge you to:

  • Stop the forced eviction of the 400 Roma people from Cantonului Street;
  • Explore all feasible alternatives to the eviction in genuine consultation with all individuals affected, and ensure that the eviction is carried out only as a last resort;
  • Ensure that no eviction takes place unless it is in full compliance with the guarantees required under regional and international human rights standards, including adequate prior notice, genuine consultation and the provision of adequate alternative housing to all those affected.
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