Derechos de las mujeres

Día Internacional de la Mujer 2014

Mi cuerpo mis derechos

Poder decidir sobre nuestra salud, nuestro cuerpo, nuestra vida sexual y nuestra identidad es un derecho humano básico. Sin embargo, en todo el mundo, muchas personas somos perseguidas por tomar estas decisiones, o se nos impide totalmente tomarlas.

Es tu cuerpo. Conoce tus derechos. Actúa ya. My body my rights

News and Updates

Philippines: Supreme Court ruling bolsters landmark law on reproductive rights

8 April 2014

The Philippine Supreme Court’s decision on Tuesday to uphold a landmark reproductive health law as constitutional is an important victory for millions of Filipino women and girls, Amnesty International said. 

15 facts on sex, pregnancy, marriage and violence

6 March 2014

Hundreds of millions of young people are being put at risk by government action or inaction with regards to their sex lives. Current UN and NGO estimates paint a perilous picture for their future. Here, 15 facts.

Sexual and reproductive rights under threat worldwide

6 March 2014

The health and lives of millions of people across the globe are being threatened by government failures to guarantee their sexual and reproductive rights, Amnesty International said today as it launched a global campaign on this issue.

My Body My Rights: Tokyo-based artist joins campaign with 'hyperreal' body paintings

6 March 2014

Tokyo-based artist Hikaru Cho has joined Amnesty International’s new global campaign on sexual and reproductive rights with her "hyperreal" body art.

Spain: Proposed abortion limits would endanger lives and health of women and girls

21 February 2014

The Spanish government must withdraw a proposed bill aimed at limiting access to safe and legal abortion services, Amnesty International said in a letter sent to the country’s Minister of Justice.