Derechos de las mujeres

Día Internacional de la Mujer 2014

Mi cuerpo mis derechos

Poder decidir sobre nuestra salud, nuestro cuerpo, nuestra vida sexual y nuestra identidad es un derecho humano básico. Sin embargo, en todo el mundo, muchas personas somos perseguidas por tomar estas decisiones, o se nos impide totalmente tomarlas.

Es tu cuerpo. Conoce tus derechos. Actúa ya. My body my rights

News and Updates

Uganda: Discriminatory legislation fuels repression and abuse

16 October 2014

Repressive and discriminatory legislation enacted over the last 18 months in Uganda has led to increasing state repression, violence and homophobic and gender-based discrimination.

‘My freedom defends yours’: Propaganda and truth about homophobia in Russia

11 October 2014

Activists in St. Petersburg explain how a history of seething homophobia and a sinister new "propaganda of homosexuality" law have brought fresh stigma and fear. 

South Africa: Pregnant women and girls continue to die unnecessarily

9 October 2014

Hundreds of pregnant women and girls are dying needlessly in South Africa. In part, this is because they fear their HIV status may be revealed as they access antenatal care services. 

Twelve facts about the abortion ban in El Salvador

25 September 2014

El Salvador has one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the world. Abortion is totally banned in all circumstances and harsh prison sentences befall those accused of terminating a pregnancy. 

Dropped anti-abortion bill must usher in better protection of women’s rights in Spain

23 September 2014

The abandoning of a draconian anti-abortion bill that threatened the health, dignity and lives of women and girls in Spain is a step in a positive direction, Amnesty International said today.