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Amnesty International News, February 1995. Vol.25, No.2.
1 February 1995

MUKHAPOitHA ,A1N4 ICIF1.51 Aromuti 1995, mom 25, Ni22. Banzanu ficcepa-. anb-3azinna nnanymb naa UOZO. minom. Ifbozo 17- pinnozo. ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/002/1995

Amnesty International News Service 280/94
13 December 1994

1. Afghanistan: Background information to news release (attacks on journalists; abuses by Mujahideen guards; arbitary beatings and killings by armed ...

Report       NWS 11/280/1994

Amnesty International News Service 279/94
12 December 1994

1. Afghanistan: Amnesty International condemns international community for ignoring conflict in Afghanistan. 2. Jamaica: Judicial Committee of Privy ...

Report       NWS 11/279/1994

Amnesty International's concerns at the 51st United Nations ...
1 December 1994

This document describes AI's concerns about a number of countries and issues relevant to the agenda of the forthcoming 51st session of the UN Commission ...

Report       IOR 41/011/1994

Amnesty International News Service 246/94
28 October 1994

1. Afghanistan: 12000 people killed since April 1992 while the international community has kept quiet.

Report       NWS 11/246/1994

Amnesty International News Service 173/94
3 August 1994

1. Afghanistan: Update on BBC World Service journalist killing (Mir Wais Jalil).

Report       NWS 11/173/1994

Amnesty International News Service 171/94
1 August 1994

1. Afghanistan: One journalist killed (Mir Wais Jalil), others at risk. 2. China: Five Tibetans sentenced to up to 15 years for "counter-revolutionary" activities ...

Report       NWS 11/171/1994

Amnesty International News Service 71/94
10 April 1994

1. Afghanistan: Incommunicado detention of government emissary and "disappearance" of dozens of other Afghans.

Report       NWS 11/071/1994

Afghanistan: Incommunicado detention and "disappearances"
31 March 1994

AI is concerned about the many people in Afghanistan who are reportedly held incommunicado or have "disappeared" at the hands of both government ...

Report       ASA 11/001/1994

Amnesty International News Service 52/94
16 March 1994

1. Afghanistan: correction to news item in NWS 11/50/94. 2. India: Government reportedly goes back on its promise that Amnesty International can visit ...

Report       NWS 11/052/1994