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Afghanistan: Fleeing War, Finding Misery [Case studies]
23 February 2012

AI index: ASA 11/004/2012 CASE STUDIES (names have been changed) Amnesty International -'Fleeing War, Finding Misery: The plight of the ...

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Afghans fleeing war find misery in urban slums | Amnesty ...
23 February 2012

Afghan authorities have failed to help some 500000 displaced people who are struggling to survive in Kabul slums, a new Amnesty report says.


Afghanistan: Misery as Refugee Crisis Grows
17 February 2012

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. MEDIA ADVISORY. AI index: ASA 11/002/2012. 17 February 2012. Afghan istan: Misery as Refugee C risis G rows. ...

PressItem       ASA 11/002/2012

Afghanistan: Urgent humanitarian assistance needed for ...
17 February 2012

Displaced Afghans, fleeing war for the relative safety of cities, are facing misery in urban slums.

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Afghanistan: Bonn II: Don't sacrifice human rights in ...
1 December 2011

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL MEDIA ADVISORY 1 December 2011. Index: ASA 11/008/2011. Bonn II: Don't sacrifice human ...

PressItem       ASA 11/008/2011

Taleban leader's orders to reduce civilian casualties “ ...
8 November 2011

To mark Eid, the Taleban leader Mullah Omar instructed his commanders to stem the rising number of civilian deaths in Afghanistan.


Guarantee Afghan women's rights in peace talks with the ...
4 November 2011

Ten years ago, the Afghan government and its international allies pledged to advance women's rights. But as they seek a political settlement with the ...

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Amnesty International | Afghanistan Istanbul conference ...
1 November 2011

The Afghan government must work with neighbouring countries to protect human rights while facing an increasingly bloody insurgency, Amnesty ...

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Afghanistan: Regional cooperation urged to defend rights ...
1 November 2011

Officials gathered at an Istanbul conference on Afghanistan must keep human rights a central focus of their plans for regional security.


Afghanistan 10 years on: Slow progress and failed promises ...
6 October 2011

The Afghan government and its international supporters must take concrete action to defend human rights.

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