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Failures at Fifty: Impunity for torture and ill-treatment in Europe ...
6 November 2000

The year 2000 marks an important anniversary with regard to the protection and promotion of human rights in Europe - the 50th anniversary of the adoption ...

Newsletter       EUR 01/004/2000

Take a Step to Stamp out Torture
17 October 2000

This report, published for the launch of the Campaign Against Torture, draws on recent reports of torture and ill-treatment from more than 150 countries ...

Report       ACT 40/013/2000

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20 August 2000


Newsletter       EUR 01/003/2000

Europe: Concerns in Europe: January - June 2000
20 August 2000

This bulletin contains information about Amnesty International's main concerns in Europe between January and June 2000. Not every country in Europe ...

Newsletter       EUR 01/003/2000

Torture campaign leaflets
31 July 2000

These fourteen leaflets, part of Amnesty International's Campaign Against Torture, contain specific details of torture and ill-treatment, including deaths ...

Newsletter       ACT 40/008/2000

Austria: Incidents of police brutality continue
24 March 2000

News Service 041/00. AI INDEX: EUR 13/07/00. EMBARGOED UNTIL 10.00 GMT 24 MARCH 2000. Austria: Incidents of police brutality continue. ...

Press Release       EUR 13/007/2000

Austria: Before the UN Committee Against Torture ...
24 March 2000

This report highlights the main concerns and recommendations of both the Committee against Torture and Amnesty International in the light of Austria's ...

Report       EUR 13/001/2000

Europe: Concerns in Europe July-December 1999
1 March 2000

This bulletin contains information about Amnesty International's main concerns in Europe between July and December 1999. It contains special sections ...

Newsletter       EUR 01/001/2000

Austria: The alleged ill-treatment of detainees
23 February 2000

This document gives details of several cases of alleged ill-treatment of detainees by police. A large majority of these allegations come from non- ...

Report       EUR 13/004/2000

Iraq: Amnesty International's position concerning possible ...
16 August 1999

News Service: 156/99. EXTERNAL. AI INDEX: MDE 14/07/99. 17 August 1999. Austria: A Vienna city councillor has filed a ...

Press Release       MDE 14/007/1999