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Bahrain: Further information: Teachers to be tried by a military ...
23 August 2011

The former president and vice-president of the Bahrain Teachers' Association (BTA), who were detained at the end of March, will be tried before a military ...

Urgent Action       MDE 11/043/2011

Bahrain must not try activists in military court | Amnesty ...
22 August 2011

Two prominent Bahraini women activists are to be tried before a military court, raising concerns that they will not receive a fair trial.


Bahrain: Further information: Lawyer released in Bahrain
9 August 2011

A prominent defence lawyer arrested in Bahrain on 15 April was released on 7 August. The charges against him have not been dropped and he has ...

Urgent Action       MDE 11/042/2011

Released Bahraini politicians still under threat from ...
8 August 2011

Two Bahraini MPs jailed during anti-government protests might still be facing criminal charges despite being released from prison this weekend.


Bahrain: Imprisoned activists on hunger strike | Amnesty ...
3 August 2011

Two Bahraini women activists, both of whom allege they have been tortured in detention, have gone on hunger strike to protest against their imprisonment ...


The Wire, August 2011. Special Supplement
1 August 2011

1) Introduction 2) Establishing roots 3) Not giving up 4) On the side of human rights 5) Change and continuity 6) Dangerous work 7) Puncturing the secrecy ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/003/2011

Bahrain: Further information: Bahraini officer released with ...
28 July 2011

A former Bahrain Defence Force (BDF) officer detained in Bahrain since 15 February has now been released on bail after being sentenced to one year ...

Urgent Action       MDE 11/041/2011

Mounting fears for Bahraini teachers held after protests ...
27 July 2011

Amnesty International calls on Bahrain to release two people held for leading a teachers' strike amid wide-scale protests earlier this year.


Bahrain: Teachers arrested for striking in Bahrain
26 July 2011

The former president and vice-president of the Bahrain Teachers' Association (BTA) have been detained since the end of March. They are now facing ...

Urgent Action       MDE 11/040/2011

Bahrain: Further information: Bahraini poet released
15 July 2011

A Bahraini poet sentenced in June for reading a poem was released on 13 July. However, there are reportedly conditions attached to her release and ...

Urgent Action       MDE 11/039/2011