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Bahrain: Investigation into rights abuses welcomed | Amnesty ...
30 June 2011

An independent commission set up to investigate alleged human rights abuses during recent protests in the country must lead to justice for victims.


Bahrain: Further information: Harsh jail terms for opposition ...
23 June 2011

14 opposition figures who led and participated in the demonstrations in February and March in Bahrain have been given very harsh prison terms on ...

Urgent Action       MDE 11/036/2011

Bahrain military court sentences Shia activists in unfair trial ...
22 June 2011

A Bahraini military court has handed down life sentences to prominent Shia opposition activists who were involved in protests.


Bahraini officer detained beyond sentence
15 June 2011

A former Bahrain Defence Force (BDF) officer continues to be detained in Bahrain despite completing his prison sentence and without him or his lawyer ...

Urgent Action       MDE 11/034/2011

Bahrain: Further information: Bahrain execution decision ...
15 June 2011

Two men sentenced to death in Bahrain, 'Ali 'Abdullah Hassan al-Sankis and 'Abdulaziz 'Abdulridha Ibrahim Hussain, will now wait over three months ...

Urgent Action       MDE 11/035/2011

Bahrain targets activists as military trials continue | Amnesty ...
14 June 2011

Dozens of people linked to pro-reform protests in Bahrain earlier this year are facing unfair trials at a special military court set up during a state of ...


Bahrain: Update: Trial of health professionals continues in ...
14 June 2011

Forty-eight health professionals, all possible prisoners of conscience, appeared before a military court on 13 June accused of felonies and misdemeanours ...

Medical Action       MDE 11/033/2011

Bahrain: Further information: Defence lawyer appears in court
13 June 2011

A prominent defence lawyer arrested in Bahrain on 15 April appeared in court on 12 June without any prior notice being given to his family or lawyers ...

Urgent Action       MDE 11/032/2011

Bahraini poet sentenced for reading a poem
13 June 2011

On 12 June a Bahraini poet and student was sentenced to one year in prison for reading a poem criticizing the king of Bahrain.

Urgent Action       MDE 11/031/2011

Bahraini activist jailed for reading poem | Amnesty ...
12 June 2011

A military court in Bahrain has sentenced a woman activist to a year in prison after she read out a poem criticizing the government.