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Bahraini poet sentenced for reading a poem
13 June 2011

On 12 June a Bahraini poet and student was sentenced to one year in prison for reading a poem criticizing the king of Bahrain.

Urgent Action       MDE 11/031/2011

Bahraini activist jailed for reading poem | Amnesty ...
12 June 2011

A military court in Bahrain has sentenced a woman activist to a year in prison after she read out a poem criticizing the government.


Bahrain: Medical workers on trial in Bahrain allege torture ...
8 June 2011

Forty-eight medical workers, all possible prisoners of conscience, appeared before a military court on 6 June 2011 accused of felonies and misdemeanours ...

Medical Action       MDE 11/030/2011

Bahraini poet set to face verdict for protest reading | Amnesty ...
8 June 2011

A Bahraini student could face a long prison sentence for reading out a poem criticizing the country's King.


Bahrain faces fresh torture claims over health workers' trial ...
7 June 2011

Doctors and nurses facing trial before a military court in Bahrain have made fresh claims of being tortured in detention.


Bahrain: Harassment of human rights defenders must end
2 June 2011

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PUBLIC STATEMENT. 2 June 2011. Index: MDE 11/028/2011. Bahrain: Harassment of human ...

Public Statement       MDE 11/028/2011

Bahrain set for renewed protests as state of emergency ends ...
31 May 2011

The call for demonstrations comes as a repressive state of emergency imposed following previous protests, is set to end Wednesday.


Bahrain: Further information: Two men at imminent risk of ...
23 May 2011

Two men are at imminent risk of being executed, after the National Safety Court of Appeal in Bahrain upheld their death sentences on 22 May. They were ...

Urgent Action       MDE 11/027/2011

Bahrain must commute protesters' death sentences | Amnesty ...
23 May 2011

An appeals court in Bahrain has upheld the death sentences of two activists accused of killing police officers during anti-government protests.


Bahrain activists jailed following 'politically motivated' trials ...
18 May 2011

A military court has sentenced 15 activists to between one and four years imprisonment for "participating in illegal demonstrations and inciting hatred ...