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Bahrain: Further information on fear of torture / legal concern ...
10 January 1997

Amnesty International has learned that Ishraq Habib has been released.

Urgent Action       MDE 11/001/1997

Bahrain: Fear of torture / legal concern: Ishraq Habib (f), aged ...
7 November 1996

The above, a 16-year-old schoolgirl, is being held in incommunicado detention and is at risk of torture or ill-treatment. She was reportedly arrested on ...

Urgent Action       MDE 11/028/1996

Bahrain: Amnesty International appeals against imminent ...
29 October 1996


Press Release       MDE 11/027/1996

Bahrain: Further information on: death penalty / legal concern
28 October 1996

'Ali Ahmad Abed al-'Usfur, aged 31, employee in the agriculture ministry, Yousef Hussein 'Abdelbaki, aged 31, teacher, Ahmad Khalil Ibrahim Habil al ...

Urgent Action       MDE 11/026/1996

Death Penalty News September 1996
30 September 1996

1. Belgium: Total abolition; 2; Chile debates abolition; 3. Guatemala executes two men; 4; South Africa: Calls for South Africa to reinstate death penalty ...

Newsletter       ACT 53/003/1996

Bahrain: Further information on fear of forcible exile: Salah ...
18 September 1996

Amnesty International has learned that the above was released in mid-September 1996.

Urgent Action       MDE 11/025/1996

Bahrain: Women and children are subject to arbitrary arrest ...
15 July 1996

News Service 123/96. AI INDEX: MDE 11/21/96. EMBARGOED UNTIL 00:01H GMT, 16 JULY 1996. BAHRAIN: WOMEN ...

Press Release       MDE 11/021/1996

Bahrain: Women and children subject to increasing abuse
15 July 1996

Since 1994 there has been increasing political unrest and violence following calls for the restoration of parliament and the Constitution. The authorities ...

Report       MDE 11/018/1996

Bahrain: Further information on fear of torture / legal concerns
11 July 1996

'Ali Ahmad Kadham al-Muttaqawi, Jassim Hassan Mansour al-Khayat, Hussein Ahmed al-Mudhifa, Hussein Yousif Ibrahim, 'Ali Ahmad Kazem 'Abd 'Ali ...

Urgent Action       MDE 11/023/1996

Amnesty International News, July 1996. Vol.26, No.7.
30 June 1996

1. Brazil: Human rights placed in the spotlight; 2. United States of America (Georgia): Olympic host state is fifth highest for executions; 3. Burundi: Death ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/007/1996