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Death Penalty News: January 2006
1 January 2006

1.) Iran executes eight juvenile offenders in 2005; 2.) USA: More than 1000 executions since 1977; 3.) International events; 4.) Liberia abolishes the death ...

Newsletter       ACT 53/001/2006

Barbados: Further information on imminent execution
7 June 2005

Amnesty International has learned that Lennox Boyce and Jeffrey Joseph have had their death sentences commuted to life imprisonment by the Barbados ...

Urgent Action       AMR 15/003/2005

Barbados: Further information on: Imminent execution ...
14 February 2005

Fredrick Atkins, who was scheduled to be executed early in the morning of 14 February, has received a stay of execution from the Barbados High Court ...

Urgent Action       AMR 15/002/2005

Barbados: Imminent Execution
11 February 2005

Frederick Atkins is scheduled to be executed by hanging early on the morning of 14 February, even though his appeal has not yet been heard by the ...

Urgent Action       AMR 15/001/2005

Amnistía Internacional Revista. Num. 70.
1 December 2004

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Newsletter       NWS 23/006/2004

The Wire, November 2004. Vol. 34, No. 10.
1 November 2004

1) Gujarat authorities fail Muslim women 2) Violence against women rife in war-torn countries 3) Excessive use of tasers in USA 4) Unfair food distribution ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/010/2004

Barbados: Imminent Execution
19 September 2004

Lennox Boyce and Jeffrey Joseph, who had their death warrants read to them on 15 September, are believed to be at imminent risk of execution. If the ...

Urgent Action       AMR 15/001/2004

The Death Penalty Worldwide: Developments in 2002.
10 April 2003

This paper covers significant events concerning the death penalty during the year 2002. Other subjects covered in this paper include significant judicial ...

Report       ACT 50/002/2003

Barbados: Proposal for return to practise of death penalty
12 September 2002

The government of Barbados is currently attempting to alter the country's constitution in an attempt to facilitate the resumption of executions.

Urgent Action       AMR 15/006/2002

Death Penalty News: September 2002
31 August 2002

1.) Abolition in Turkey, Yugoslavia and Cyprus; 2.) Philippines suspends executions; 3.) Moratorium in Guatemala; 4.) Barbados, Belize - moves to restrict ...

Newsletter       ACT 53/004/2002