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Barbados: Further information on death penalty
12 September 1996

Leston Leroy Harewood and Vincent Murrell, who were scheduled to be executed on 10 September 1996, have been granted a stay of execution ...

Urgent Action       AMR 15/004/1996

Barbados: Fear of imminent execution
8 September 1996

Leston Leroy Harewood and Vincent Murrell have had death warrants read to them for their executions, which are to be carried out on 10 September ...

Urgent Action       AMR 15/003/1996

Amnesty International News Service 35/95
20 February 1995

1. Barbados: Challenge to death penalty ruling may lead to executions. 2. Iraqi Kurdistan: Three-year study reveals a "human rights crisis".

Report       NWS 11/035/1995

Amnesty International News Service 144/93
2 November 1993

1. Jamaica: Decision in case of two Jamaican prisoners should save prisoners' lives across the Caribbean.

Report       NWS 11/144/1993

Medical letter writing action: English-speaking Caribbean ...
18 February 1993

This paper gives information of the use of corporal punishment in three countries in the English-speaking Caribbean: The Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago ...

Report       AMR 05/001/1993

Death Penalty News June 1991
31 May 1991

1. Turkey: All death sentences commuted. 2. Death penalty protocol comes into force in July. 3. China: Dramatic increase in executions. 4. Iran: Mass ...

Newsletter       ACT 53/003/1991