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Belarus rounds up 'silent' protesters | Amnesty International
30 June 2011

Belarusian authorities are using violence and administrative sentences to punish peaceful protesters.


Amnesty International | Belarus rounds up 'silent' protesters
30 June 2011

Belarusian authorities must immediately and unconditionally release anyone being held merely for taking part in peaceful “silent” protests.

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Belarus: Six months after the Presidential elections ...
17 June 2011

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC STATEMENT 17 June 2011 AI Index: EUR 49/015/2011. Belarus: Six months after ...

Public Statement       EUR 49/015/2011

Belarus: Further information: Prisoner of conscience allowed ...
23 May 2011

Former Presidential candidate, Andrei Sannikau, was granted an hour-long meeting with his wife, Iryna Khalip, on 20 May at the remand prison on ...

Urgent Action       EUR 49/014/2011

Belarus: Further information: Prisoner of conscience now ...
18 May 2011

Presidential candidate Andrei Sannikau, who was sentenced to five years' imprisonment on 14 May, is now being held incommunicado. He is at serious ...

Urgent Action       EUR 49/013/2011

Belarus: Further information: Former Presidential candidate ...
17 May 2011

On 14 May, prisoner of conscience, Andrei Sannikau, was sentenced to five years in prison by a court in Minsk. Amnesty International believes that the ...

Urgent Action       EUR 49/012/2011

Amnesty International | Four convicted over Belarus protests
16 May 2011

Amnesty International has today condemned the conviction of four Belarusian prisoners of conscience, including former presidential candidate Andrei ...

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Four convicted over Belarus protests | Amnesty International
16 May 2011

Four Belarusian prisoners of conscience have been convicted over their involvement in post-election protests.


Annual Report 2011: Global Update: Events covering the ...
13 May 2011

The first four months of 2011 witnessed an unprecedented surge of ordinary people speaking up for their rights and demanding change. But the authorities ...

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Belarus: Further information: Detained presidential candidate ...
13 May 2011

On 12 May, prisoner of conscience Andrei Sannikau, a former Belarusian presidential candidate, made a statement during his trial about the physical ...

Urgent Action       EUR 49/011/2011