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Belarus: Action is needed to stop violations of the Right to ...
15 December 2004

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. Public Statement. AI Index: EUR 49/023/2004 (Public). News Service No: 322. 15 December 2004. ...

Press Release       EUR 49/023/2004

Human rights defenders at risk
18 November 2004

This report is part of a series of Amnesty International documents illustrating the different patters of repression faced by human rights defenders worldwide ...

Report       ACT 30/020/2004

Belarus: End the Silencing of Human Rights Defenders : The ...
18 November 2004

Amnesty International is concerned that the closure and pressure on NGOs and their members, referred to in this appeal, are in violation of international ...

Report       EUR 49/022/2004

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18 November 2004


Report       ACT 30/020/2004

Sudan: Arming the perpetrators of grave abuses in Darfur ...
16 November 2004

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Report       AFR 54/139/2004

Sudan: Arming the perpetrators of grave abuses in Darfur
16 November 2004

In the context of attacks on civilians in the Darfur region, this report identifies the main types and recent transfers of arms sent to Sudan. The report quotes ...

Report       AFR 54/139/2004

Belarus: Opposition cannot be stifled
19 October 2004

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PRESS RELEASE. AI Index: EUR 49/021/2004 (Public). News Service No: 261. 20 October 2004. ...

Press Release       EUR 49/021/2004

Belarus/Uzbekistan: The last executioners: Summary
3 October 2004

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. Media Briefing. AI Index: EUR 04/007/2004 (Public). News Service No: 225. 4 October 2004. ...

Press Release       EUR 04/007/2004

Belarus: Make Europe and Central Asia a Death Penalty ...
3 October 2004

This public appeal provides information about the cases of Sergei Lishchuk and Anton Bondarenko. Amnesty International is concerned that the former ...

Report       EUR 49/016/2004

Belarus and Uzbekistan: The Last Executioners: The trend ...
3 October 2004

This report provides information and case studies about the abolition of the death penalty in the former Soviet space. Belarus and Uzbekistan are the ...

Report       EUR 04/009/2004