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Belarus: Stifling the promotion of human rights
28 March 2004

There is no abstract for this document.

Press Release       EUR 49/005/2004

Belarus: Stifling the promotion of human rights
28 March 2004

This report focuses on curtailments of the rights to freedom of association and assembly, and infringements on the right to freedom of expression, as ...

Report       EUR 49/004/2004

Belarus: Stop the silencing of human rights defenders
1 March 2004

Though Belarus is a party to most of the international human rights treaties and human rights and fundamental freedoms are guaranteed in the country's ...

Action Document       EUR 49/001/2004

2004 UN Commission on Human Rights. Mission: To Promote ...
1 January 2004

Promotion and protection of human rights are among the key functions of the Commission on Human Rights and yet there are human rights situations ...

Report       IOR 41/001/2004

Belarus: MEDICAL ACTION Renewed appeal for medical care ...
17 December 2003

There is concern for the physical and mental health of Professor Yury Bandazhevsky, a medical academic specialising in nuclear medicine. He was ...

Action Document       EUR 49/008/2003

Belarus: Public Appeal. End the silencing of human rights ...
6 November 2003

This appeal is in aid of the human rights defenders in Belarus, where despite the government's theoretical support of Human Rights it continues a deliberate ...

Report       EUR 49/007/2003

Belarus: And then there were none
29 October 2003

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. Public Statement. AI Index: EUR 49/006/2003 (Public). News Service No: 248. 29 October 2003. ...

Press Release       EUR 49/006/2003

Amnesty International's Written Statement to the 2003 OSCE ...
6 October 2003

This statement address persistent negative trends in the use of the death penalty in a small number of OSCE Participating States particularly the United ...

Report       IOR 52/003/2003

Concerns in Europe and Central Asia January - June 2003
30 September 2003

This bulletin contains information about Amnesty International's main concerns in Europe between January and June 2003.

Newsletter       EUR 01/016/2003

Belarus: Human rights defenders under pressure in Belarus
17 September 2003

This brief report discusses the recent closures, and threats thereof, of several non-governmental organizations (NGOs) directly and indirectly engaged ...

Report       EUR 49/004/2003