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Belarus: Condemned for speaking the truth
24 June 2002

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PRESS RELEASE. AI Index: EUR 49/012/2002 (Public). News Service No: 107. 25 June 2002. ...

Press Release       EUR 49/012/2002

Concerns in Europe Bulletin : July - December 2001
29 May 2002

This bulletin contains information about Amnesty International's main concerns in Europe between July and December 2001. Not every country in Europe ...

Newsletter       EUR 01/002/2002

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29 May 2002

Newsletter       EUR 01/002/2002

Belarus: Appeals case
14 May 2002

This document gives details of the case of Nikolai Markevich, editor-in-chief of Pagonia, one of Belarus' few independent newspapers and Pavel Mozheiko ...

Report       EUR 49/009/2002

Belarus: Trodden underfoot: Peaceful protest in Belarus
9 May 2002

This short report gives an overview of the various waves of detention in 2002 so far, which Amnesty International believes constitute a deliberate government ...

Report       EUR 49/008/2002

Belarus: "As long as there are journalists, there will be prison ...
6 May 2002

Amnesty International is urging the Belarusian authorities to take immediate steps to put an end to the harassment and intimidation of the Pagonia journalists ...

Report       EUR 49/007/2002

Belarus: More arrests amidst welcome release of prisoner of ...
25 March 2002

25 March 2002. AI Index EUR 49/005/2002 - News Service Nr. 55. Belarus: More arrests amidst welcome release of prisoner of conscience. ...

Press Release       EUR 49/005/2002

Belarus: Further information on Death Penalty
15 March 2002

All four men, Valery Ignatovich, Maksim Malik, Aleksey Guz, and Sergei Savushkin, were sentenced to lengthy prison terms on 14 March.

Urgent Action       EUR 49/004/2002

Belarus: Death Penalty
6 March 2002

Valery Ignatovich, Maksim Malik, Aleksey Guz and Sergei Savushkin are due to be sentenced at Minsk Regional Court in the Belarusian capital on 11 ...

Urgent Action       EUR 49/003/2002

Belarus: Four years on - Prisoner of Conscience, Andrey ...
27 February 2002

Amnesty International considers Andrey Klimov to be a prisoner of conscience, imprisoned for exercising his right to freedom of expression, and, once ...

Report       EUR 49/001/2002