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Belarus: Death penalty: Igor Mirenkov
29 September 1996

Fears that the above, sentenced to death on 9 August 1995, may be facing imminent execution have been heightened by an official statement that the ...

Urgent Action       EUR 49/003/1996

Belarus: Health concern / prisoners of conscience
22 May 1996

Yuri Khadyka, 57, Vyacheslav Sivchyk, 34: AI is concerned for the well-being of two prisoners of conscience currently awaiting trial in Belarus. The above ...

Urgent Action       EUR 49/002/1996

Concerns in Europe July - December 1995
1 March 1996

This bulletin summarizes Amnesty International's main human rights concerns in 36 countries in Europe during the last six months of 1995. The five Central ...

Newsletter       EUR 01/001/1996

UA News, March 1996
1 March 1996

1. News in brief: Equatorial Guinea: release of poc's Felipe Ondo Obiang, Bonifacio Nguema Esono, Rwanda: release of Jean-Baptiste Barambirwa, ...

Report       ACT 60/001/1996

Belarus: further information on: Fear of imminent execution: IY ...
23 January 1996

AI has learned that the death sentence of the above has been commuted to 15 years' imprisonment.

Urgent Action       EUR 49/001/1996

Belarus: Further information on fear of imminent execution: IY ...
21 November 1995

AI has received more information on the case of Igor Yurevich Kopytin, prisoner on death row in Belarus. He has been in detention since 15 September ...

Urgent Action       EUR 49/007/1995

Belarus: Fear of imminent execution: IY Kopytin
17 October 1995

AI fears that the above faces imminent execution unless the President of Belarus exercises his constitutional authority to commute his death sentence ...

Urgent Action       EUR 49/006/1995

Belarus: Further information on fear of imminent execution ...
22 February 1995

Sergey Kutyavin was executed on 21 January 1995.

Urgent Action       EUR 49/002/1995

Belarus: Further information on fear of imminent execution ...
16 February 1995

AI fears that Sergey Vladimirovich Kutyavin faces imminent execution unless the Presidential Clemency Commission of Belarus reconsiders its decision ...

Urgent Action       EUR 49/001/1995

UA 283/94 - Belarus: fear of imminent execution: Sergey ...
21 July 1994

Sergey Kutyavin was sentenced to death for murder by Mogilev Regional Court on 19 July 1993. His appeal against his death sentence was rejected ...

Urgent Action       EUR 49/001/1994