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Bolivia: Medical letter writing action: Raúl Castro Sanizzo
31 July 2000

Raúl Castro Sanizzo is serving a prison sentence during which he is being denied medical care for a malignant tumour which is putting his life at risk ...

Report       AMR 18/009/2000

Bolivia: Fear for Safety/ Fear of Torture
23 July 2000

There is serious concern for the safety of Juan Carlos Caballero, Oscar Martin Serna, Ronald Alberto Horna Aranda (Peruvian citizens) and Carlos Alberto ...

Urgent Action       AMR 18/008/2000

Bolivia: Press conference on prison conditions in Bolivia
6 July 2000

Media Advisory. 7 July 2000. AI Index AMR 18/007/2000 - News Service Nr. 133. Press conference on prison conditions in Bolivia. ...

Press Release       AMR 18/007/2000

World Press Freedom Day - Journalists risk life and limb to ...
2 May 2000

News Service 080/00. AI INDEX: ACT 78/01/00. Embargoed for 0001 GMT 3 May 2000. World Press Freedom Day -- Journalists ...

Press Release       ACT 78/001/2000

Bolivia: Follow up to fear of ill-treatment / legal concern
24 April 2000

All those arrested after anti-government protests which led the government to declare a "state of siege" have now been released, apparently without ...

Urgent Action       AMR 18/005/2000

Bolivia: Further information on fear of ill-treatment / legal ...
13 April 2000

Amnesty International now fears for the safety of four minors, David Goitia Benito, aged 16; Franz Guzmán, aged 14; Noel Guzmán, aged 12; and Wilfredo ...

Urgent Action       AMR 18/003/2000

Bolivia: The state of siege is no excuse for human rights ...
13 April 2000

News Service: 071/00. AI INDEX: AMR 18/02/00. 14 April 2000. Bolivia: The state of siege is no excuse for human rights violations. ...

Press Release       AMR 18/002/2000

Bolivia: Fear of ill-treatment / legal concern
10 April 2000

Amnesty International is concerned for the safety of union and community leaders and union members who were arrested on 7 and 8 April 2000, following ...

Urgent Action       AMR 18/001/2000

Bolivia: Fear for safety: Dr Waldo Albarracín,
3 October 1999

Amnesty International is extremely concerned for the safety of Dr Waldo Albarracín and his family. Dr Albarracín, a prominent human rights activist ...

Urgent Action       AMR 18/002/1999

Death Penalty News September 1999
31 August 1999

1. Action at the United Nations; 2. Executions suspended in the Philippines; 3. Bolivia: Calls for the death penalty; 4. Saudi Arabia: Executions on the ...

Newsletter       ACT 53/004/1999