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Bolivia: The state of siege is no excuse for human rights ...
13 April 2000

News Service: 071/00. AI INDEX: AMR 18/02/00. 14 April 2000. Bolivia: The state of siege is no excuse for human rights violations. ...

Press Release       AMR 18/002/2000

Bolivia: Fear of ill-treatment / legal concern
10 April 2000

Amnesty International is concerned for the safety of union and community leaders and union members who were arrested on 7 and 8 April 2000, following ...

Urgent Action       AMR 18/001/2000

Bolivia: Fear for safety: Dr Waldo Albarracín,
3 October 1999

Amnesty International is extremely concerned for the safety of Dr Waldo Albarracín and his family. Dr Albarracín, a prominent human rights activist ...

Urgent Action       AMR 18/002/1999

Death Penalty News September 1999
31 August 1999

1. Action at the United Nations; 2. Executions suspended in the Philippines; 3. Bolivia: Calls for the death penalty; 4. Saudi Arabia: Executions on the ...

Newsletter       ACT 53/004/1999

Special appeals on behalf of human rights defenders in Latin ...
31 May 1999

This circular illustrates human rights violations committed against those who defend these rights in Latin America.It also shows the difficulty of investigating ...

Report       AMR 01/003/1999

llamamientos especiales en favor de los defensores de los ...
31 May 1999

Report       AMR 01/003/1999

Bolivia: Fear for safety / legal concern
17 August 1998

Amnesty International is seriously concerned for the safety of human rights defenders Padre Hugo Ortiz and Padre Gines Mateo Rocamora who have ...

Urgent Action       AMR 18/004/1998

On the front line: Regional Action Network on Human Rights ...
31 May 1998

This is a newsletter giving updated information on the current status of the Project for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders in the Americas. This ...

Newsletter       AMR 01/002/1998

Bolivia: Government inaction following demonstrators' deaths
8 April 1998

News Service 60/98. AI INDEX: AMR 18/02/98. 9 APRIL 1998. Bolivia: Government inaction following demonstrators' deaths. ...

Press Release       AMR 18/002/1998

Bolivia: Fear for safety
10 February 1998

Dr Waldo Albarracin and his family: There is serious concern for the safety of Dr Waldo Albarracín, president of The Asamblea Permanente de Derechos ...

Urgent Action       AMR 18/001/1998