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Amnesty International News, August 1993. Vol.23, No.8.
31 July 1993

ME YHAPOPIHASI, AMIlyFT. S. : M fl aB tleAoB. %weal aeaerauem A so ape-raa norpenst c npeaeaewrcea Pamepo eoeom ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/005/1993

Amnesty International News, August 1993. Vol.23, No.8.
31 July 1993

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL NEWSLETTER. Al delegates meet President Ramiro de Leon Carpio, shortly after he took ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/005/1993

Further information on EXTRA 47/93 (EUR 63/12/93, 14 May ...
19 July 1993

There have been new reports of thousands of people being held in detention camps in Mostar, Stolac, Dretelj, Gabela and elsewhere in the region. Some ...

Urgent Action       EUR 63/015/1993

Amnesty International News Service 84/93
19 July 1993

1. Bosnia-Herzegovina: AI concerned by killing of 12 people in Sarajevo water queue.

Report       NWS 11/084/1993

Former Yugoslavia: Bosnian refugees - a continuing need for ...
30 June 1993

On 16 July the latest in a series of inter-governmental meetings organized by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to discuss ...

Report       EUR 48/005/1993

Weekly update service 63/93
15 June 1993

1. Former Yugoslavia: Europe must open its doors to take more Bosnian refugees from Croatia where they are at increasing risk.

Report       NWS 11/063/1993

Further information on EXTRA 47/93 (EUR 63/12/93, 14 May) ...
27 May 1993

On 20 May 1993 a UN spokesperson stated that 1800 Muslim civilians, detained earlier in May by Croatian Defence Council (HVO) forces during fighting ...

Urgent Action       EUR 63/014/1993

EXTRA 47/93 - Bosnia-Herzegovina: deliberate and arbitrary ...
13 May 1993

Since the outbreak of fighting in mid-April 1993 between Bosnian Croatian and Bosnian Government forces seeking control over territory in central Bosnia ...

Urgent Action       EUR 63/012/1993

Further information on EXTRA 21/93 (EUR 63/05/93, 2 March) ...
13 May 1993

There is continued concern for the safety of non-Serbs (mainly Muslims and Croats) in the Serbian-controlled town of Banja Luka in north western Bosnia ...

Urgent Action       EUR 63/013/1993

Amnesty International News, May 1993. Vol.23, No.2.
30 April 1993

1. Tadzhikistan: The tragedy the world ignores. 2. Chad: The nightmare continues. 3. Bosnia-Herzegovina: Sandzak Muslims abducted from Serbian ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/002/1993