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Carandiru and the scandal of Brazil's medieval prison system
15 April 2013

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. FEATURE. AI index: AMR 19/004/2013. 15 April 2013. Carandiru and the scandal of Brazil's ...

PressItem       AMR 19/004/2013

Wire, January/February 2013. Vol. 43, issue 01
1 January 2013

1) The Agenda 2) Up front: Kuwait at the crossroads 3) Wrongs and rights in 2012 4) One man in Guantánamo: 10 years of human wrongs 5) Egypt: These ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/001/2013

Americas: Transforming pain into hope: Human rights ...
7 December 2012

Human rights defenders in the Americas have made fundamental contributions to the advancement of human rights. However, as the clamour for human ...

Report       AMR 01/006/2012

Brazil: Transforming pain into hope: human rights defenders in ...
7 December 2012

protect human rights defenders now. tr an. sf or. mi ng. p ai. n in. to h. op e. hu ma. n ri. gh ts. d ef. en de. rs in. th e. am er. ic as. PLEASE ...

Postcard       AMR 19/012/2012

Brazil: Amnesty International welcomes progress towards ...
5 December 2012

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PUBLIC STATEMENT. AI Index: AMR 19/019/2012 5 December 2012. Brazil: Amnesty International ...

Public Statement       AMR 19/019/2012

Brazilian community shot at, lives at risk
9 November 2012

The quilombola community of Santa Maria dos Moreiras, Maranhão state in Brazil is being threatened by armed men who have fired shots near their ...

Urgent Action       AMR 19/018/2012

Brazil's candidacy for election to the UN Human Rights ...
5 November 2012

In this open letter, Amnesty International urges the government of Brazil to further strengthen its election pledges by including the additional elements ...

Open Letter       AMR 19/015/2012

Brazil: Slum campaign on human rights ahead of police ...
5 November 2012

Tens of thousands of slum-dwellers in Rio de Janeiro are the focus of an NGO campaign on human rights ahead police plans to "pacify" the area.


Brazil: Further information: Indigenous community still at risk
1 November 2012

The 170-strong Guarani-Kaiowá indigenous community of Pyelito Kue/Mbarakay in Brazil has been temporarily saved from eviction by order ...

Urgent Action       AMR 19/017/2012

Brazil: "I have been sentenced to death"
1 November 2012

Postcard       AMR 19/014/2012