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Burundi: Detention measures abused
13 July 2006

Amnesty International today expressed its concern about continuing arbitrary arrests and detention of civilians and members of civil society by the Burundian ...

Report       AFR 16/011/2006

Burundi: Arbitrary Detention / Medical Concern/Possible ...
26 June 2006

Aloys Kabura, a journalist with the Burundian Press Association (l'Association Burundaise de Presse - ABP) has been illegally detained in Ngozi prison ...

Urgent Action       AFR 16/010/2006

Burundi: Further information on prisoners of conscience ...
31 May 2006

Both Thacien Sibomana (m) and Poppon Mudugu (m) were released from Gitega Prison on 31 May where they were being held for "threatening state ...

Urgent Action       AFR 16/009/2006

Burundi: Prisoners of Conscience/Detention without charge
25 May 2006

Thacien Sibomana (m) and Poppon Mudugu (m) were arrested on 21 May as they attempted to hold a monthly meeting at a local centre in the town of ...

Urgent Action       AFR 16/008/2006

Burundi: Arbitrary detention/Prisoner of conscience: Térence ...
24 May 2006

Peace activist Térence Nahimana is facing charges that could potentially see him jailed for up to 20 years. The government has recently been harassing ...

Urgent Action       AFR 16/007/2006

Burundi: Further information on Intimidation / fear for safety ...
4 May 2006

Stany Mbazumutima is no longer suffering any intimidation by the police, according to an email he has sent to the International Secretariat.

Urgent Action       AFR 16/005/2006

Burundi: Journalists and human rights monitors under attack
17 April 2006

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PRESS RELEASE. AI Index: AFR 16/004/2006 (Public). News Service No: 097. 18 April 2006. ...

Press Release       AFR 16/004/2006

Burundi: Intimidation / fear for safety: Stany Mbazumutima (m)
11 April 2006

A senior police officer has allegedly made three threatening phone calls to human rights defender Stany Mbazumutima, after he wrote about Rwandan ...

Urgent Action       AFR 16/002/2006

Burundi: Towards what reconciliation?
24 March 2006

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. Public Statement. AI Index: AFR 16/003/2006 (Public). News Service No: 074. 24 March 2006. ...

Press Release       AFR 16/003/2006

Burundi: Provisional immunity does nothing to end impunity
10 February 2006

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. Public Statement. AI Index: AFR 16/001/2006 (Public). News Service No: 038. 10 February 2006. ...

Press Release       AFR 16/001/2006