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30 September 2004

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Newsletter       NWS 23/005/2004

China: School trips to watch death sentences
30 September 2004

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PRESS RELEASE. AI Index: ASA 17/049/2004 (Public). News Service No: 244. 1 October 2004. ...

Press Release       ASA 17/049/2004

Amnesty International's concerns at the 55th Session of the ...
30 September 2004

In this document, Amnesty International presents a set of recommendations to the members and observers of the Executive Committee and to UNHCR ...

Report       IOR 41/031/2004

China: Imminent execution / Unfair trial : Two Nepalese ...
19 September 2004

Two Nepalese citizens have been sentenced to death by a Chinese court in a trial believed to have fallen far short of international standards. The two ...

Urgent Action       ASA 17/048/2004

China: Fear of imminent execution, 50 unnamed people
14 September 2004

More than 50 people are reported to have been sentenced to death for "separatist and terrorist" activities during the first eight months of this year in ...

Urgent Action       ASA 17/046/2004

Stop Child Executions! Ending the death penalty for child ...
14 September 2004

International law prohibits the use of the death penalty for crimes committed by people younger than 18, yet some countries continue to execute child ...

Report       ACT 50/015/2004

World: Child executions on the way out
14 September 2004

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PRESS RELEASE. AI Index: POL 30/035/2004 (Public). News Service No: 223. 15 September 2004. ...

Press Release       POL 30/035/2004

China: Protect Uighur refugees from forcible return
31 August 2004

During years of repression, many members of China's mainly Muslim Uighur minority have fled to neighbouring countries. Their lives are at risk, as China ...

Action Document       ASA 17/031/2004

China: Olympic Games and Human Rights
26 August 2004

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PRESS RELEASE. AI Index: ASA 17/044/2004 (Public). News Service No: 215. 27 August 2004. ...

Press Release       ASA 17/044/2004

China: Fear of imminent execution: Ma Weihua
25 August 2004

A woman, Ma Weihua (f), aged 29, facing the death penalty on drug charges has reportedly been forced to have an abortion in police custody. China's ...

Urgent Action       ASA 17/043/2004