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China: Continuing abuses under a new leadership - summary ...
30 September 2003

This document summarizes a number of Amnesty International's key human rights concerns on China. Hundreds of thousands of people continue to ...

Report       ASA 17/035/2003

Miscarriage of Justice? The trial of Tenzin Deleg Rinpoche ...
30 September 2003

Tenzin Deleg Rinpoche, a religious and community leader in Sichuan Province, was charged in connection with several bombings and was given a ...

Report       ASA 17/029/2003

Viet Nam/Cambodia: Further Information on Fear for safety ...
11 September 2003

On 12 September, the Vietnamese authorities confirmed publicly for the first time that Thich Tri Luc will be brought to trial on charges related to his alleged ...

Urgent Action       ASA 41/029/2003

The Wire, September 2003. Vol. 33, No. 8.
31 August 2003

1) Children at war in Africa 2) USA: Unfair trials by military commissions 3) Pakistan's children let down by justice system, 4) A conspiracy of silence? ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/008/2003

Viet Nam/Cambodia: Further Information on Fear for safety ...
7 August 2003

Thich Tri Luc, who "disappeared" in Cambodia in 2002, is now reported to be detained in Viet Nam awaiting trial. His whereabouts are unknown and ...

Urgent Action       ASA 41/022/2003

le fil d'AI. Aout 2003, vol. 33, n° 7
31 July 2003

le fil d'AI. Aout 2003, vol. 33, n° 7

Newsletter       NWS 21/007/2003

The Wire, August 2003. Vol. 33, No. 7.
31 July 2003

1) Mexican women live in fear 2) Thousands of students arrested in Iran 3) Government repression continues in Sudan despite peace talks 4) Hundreds ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/007/2003

China: Further information on Possible disappearanc ...
23 July 2003

On 17 July, Yang Jianli was formally charged with spying and entering the country illegally. His trial is reportedly due to take place on or shortly after ...

Urgent Action       ASA 17/031/2003

Pakistan: Possible "disappearance"/ Fear of forcible return
16 July 2003

Abdulwahab Tohti and Muhammed Tohti Metrozi, two ethnic Uighur Chinese nationals, have gone missing in Rawalpindi, northern Pakistan. Their current ...

Urgent Action       ASA 33/008/2003

China: Open letter for ICC campaign
16 July 2003

This letter urges the President of the Peoples Republic of China to ratify the International Criminal Court (Rome Statute).

Report       ASA 17/027/2003