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China: Death Penalty /Fear of Imminent execution, Li Yushu.
16 January 2002

Li Yushu, the former vice-mayor of Leshan city, Sichuan province was reportedly sentenced to death on 15 January, for allegedly taking bribes and other ...

Urgent Action       ASA 17/003/2002

China: Death penalty / Fear of imminent execution.
7 January 2002

In December 2001, Hong Kong resident, Zhuang Chucheng (Chong Cho-shing in Cantonese) and Huang Yancheng were sentenced to death, for their ...

Urgent Action       ASA 17/002/2002

China: Death penalty/Fear of imminent execution.
4 January 2002

On 29 December 2001, Gong Shengliang was sentenced to death and his niece, Li Ying, sentenced to death with a two year reprieve, by Jingmen City ...

Urgent Action       ASA 17/001/2002

Worldwide Appeals, January 2002
1 January 2002

1.) China: Brother and sister jailed for claiming compensation; 2.) Syria: Arrested for criticizing the Government; 3.) Turkmenistan: Surviving prisoner ...

Report       NWS 22/001/2002

People's Republic of China (PRC): Death penalty/ imminent ...
27 November 2001

Xiao Jianbo, Luo Qingpu and three others were sentenced to death on 26 November by a court in Nanchong city, for drug trafficking. One of them received ...

Urgent Action       ASA 17/040/2001

Death Penalty News: September 2001
18 October 2001

1.) China dramatically increases executions; 2.) Russian President supports moratorium; 3.) Shariah courts in Nigeria pass death sentences by stoning ...

Newsletter       ACT 53/004/2001