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Colombia: Election candidates receive death threats
6 February 2014

In recent days several candidates standing in Colombia's legislative elections in March have received death threats from paramilitaries.

Urgent Action       AMR 23/005/2014

Colombia: Amnesty International welcomes detention of ...
31 January 2014

Amnesty International. Public Statement. AI Index: AMR 23/004/2014. 31 January 2014. Colombia: Amnesty International ...

Public Statement       AMR 23/004/2014

Colombia: Death threats made to human rights activists
27 January 2014

Human rights defenders in the city of Barrancabermeja, in the Magdalena Medio region in north-eastern Colombia, have received death threats.

Urgent Action       AMR 23/003/2014

Colombia: Peasant farmer shot at, community at risk ...
21 January 2014

An armed man shot at peasant farmer Benjamin Sánchez in El Carpintero, central Colombia. He has been leading a land restitution process for those ...

Urgent Action       AMR 23/002/2014

Colombia: Two Indigenous leaders killed, third at risk
17 January 2014

Embera Chamí Indigenous leader Flaminio Onogama Gutiérrez is at risk following the killing of his two nephews, who were also Indigenous leaders, ...

Urgent Action       AMR 23/001/2014

Colombia: 'Peace is still far away from here'
24 December 2013

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL FEATURE AI Index: AMR 23/055/2013 24 December 2013. ...

PressItem       AMR 23/055/2013

Colombia: Activist killed, other members at risk
19 December 2013

On 17 December armed people were looking for peasant farmer leader Olga Lucía Quintero at her home in Cúcuta, north-eastern Colombia. Another ...

Urgent Action       AMR 23/054/2013

Colombia: Trade Unionist killed, other members at risk: Oscar ...
12 November 2013

Trade union member Oscar López Triviño was killed on 9 November in Bugalagrande, south-western Colombia. A day earlier, paramilitaries sent ...

Urgent Action       AMR 23/052/2013

Colombia: Victims of the Palace of Justice still waiting for ...
11 November 2013

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. Public Statement. AI |ndex: AMR: 23/053/2013. 11 November 2013. Colombia: victims of the ...

Public Statement       AMR 23/053/2013

Colombia: Further information: Human rights defenders ...
6 November 2013

Paramilitaries sent a death threat to several human rights organizations and a trade union in Barranquilla, Northern Colombia. Among those threatened ...

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