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Colombia: Further information: Death threat to mother of man ...
21 May 2013

The mother and lawyers of a young man killed by the members of the Colombian armed forces have received death threats, days before a court ...

Urgent Action       AMR 23/023/2013

Colombia: Paramilitaries threaten rights organisation
20 May 2013

Human rights defenders working with forcibly displaced people in Barrancabermeja, Northern Colombia, received three death threats from ...

Urgent Action       AMR 23/022/2013

Colombia: Attempt on life of indigenous rights defender
16 May 2013

The home of Pedro Manuel Loperena, an indigenous human rights defender in north-eastern Colombia, was attacked with a grenade on 11 May.

Urgent Action       AMR 23/021/2013

Colombia: Human rights defender's daughter targeted
13 May 2013

The daughter of Ingrid Vergara, a prominent Colombian human rights defender, has received a text message telling her that her mother had been killed ...

Urgent Action       AMR 23/020/2013

Colombia: Paramilitaries threaten commuvity on "death list"
8 May 2013

Paramilitaries are looking for members of the communities of the Curvaradó River Basin in north-western Colombia, to kill them. They have also been ...

Urgent Action       AMR 23/019/2013

Colombia: Peasant farmer killed after threats
19 April 2013

Gunmen thought to be paramilitaries have killed a land rights activist in northern Colombia, and have threatened to kill peasant farmers trying to assert ...

Urgent Action       AMR 23/017/2013

Colombia: Further Information: Trade unionists receive more ...
4 April 2013

Several trade unionists in the mining industry have received further death threats from Colombian paramilitaries.

Urgent Action       AMR 23/016/2013

Colombia: Land activists receive death threats
2 April 2013

A member of the Victims' Roundtable of El Carmen del Bolívar – a group of victims seeking the return of misappropriated land – in northern Colombia ...

Urgent Action       AMR 23/015/2013

Colombia: Amnesty International statement at the 22nd ...
20 March 2013

The peace talks in Colombia have raised expectations that the conflict with the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC) could finally ...

Document       AMR 23/014/2013

Colombia: Union leaders' safety at risk
15 March 2013

A death threat was made against Colombian trade union leaders who are representing workers of coal mining companies in La Jagua de Ibírico ...

Urgent Action       AMR 23/013/2013