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Croatia: Further information on failure to provide adequate ...
14 August 1995

There have been no further reports of similar mob attacks on refugee columns passing through Croatia, and all Serbian refugees have now left Topusko ...

Urgent Action       EUR 64/003/1995

Croatia: Failure to provide adequate protection from ill ...
9 August 1995

AI is concerned about the lack of adequate protection offered to Serb refugees from the Krajina region passing through Croatia en route to Serbia. On ...

Urgent Action       EUR 64/002/1995

Amnesty International News Service 70/95
5 April 1995

1. Croatia: Amnesty International calls for human rights monitoring and protection to be made a priority for new UN force.

Report       NWS 11/070/1995

UA 365/94 - Croatia: ill-treatment / fear of ill-treatment: Zoran ...
3 October 1994

Those listed above were reportedly punched and kicked by police on 27 September 1994 in what is emerging as a pattern of police villence against ...

Urgent Action       EUR 64/003/1994

Death Penalty News September 1994
31 August 1994

1. Trinidad and Tobago: Man executed while appeals still in progress. 2. USA (Massachusetts): state legislature moves to reinstate death penalty. 3. ...

Newsletter       ACT 53/003/1994

Croatia: "Disappearance" of Rasim Kahrimanovic
16 June 1994

On 18 July 1993 Rasim Kahrimanovic, a 43-year-old Muslim from Bosnia-Herzegovina, "disappeared" in police custody in Dubrovnik. A former ...

Report       EUR 64/002/1994

Amnesty International News Service 60/94
27 March 1994

1. Bosnia-Herzegovina: Amnesty International delegate visits Croatia.

Report       NWS 11/060/1994

EXTRA 09/94 - Croatia: health concern / ill-treatment: Dzemal ...
14 February 1994

There is concern for the health of Czemal Muratovic, who is currently in police custody in the town of Pzega (formerly Slavonska Pozega) in northern ...

Urgent Action       EUR 64/001/1994

Follow up to medical letter-writing action (see EUR 64/02/93) ...
22 November 1993

In the week of 15 November 1993 Dr Jadrana Funduk received notice from the courts that charges against her had been dropped.

Report       EUR 64/003/1993

Medical letter writing action: Croatia: Doctor charged with ...
18 October 1993

Doctor Jadrana Funduk has been charged with "service in an enemy army" under Article 109 of the Basic Criminal Law of the Republic of Croatia. The ...

Report       EUR 64/002/1993