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Cuba: Further information: Prisoners of conscience released ...
11 April 2012

Two Cuban prisoners of conscience have been released on bail to await trial on trumped-up charges arising from their joining peaceful protests.

Urgent Action       AMR 25/014/2012

Cuba: Crackdown on Cuban dissidents
4 April 2012

The authorities have arrested 43 government critics in the province of Santiago de Cuba. This is a clear attempt to crush the emerging peaceful dissident ...

Urgent Action       AMR 25/012/2012

Cuba: Cuban government detains critic
4 April 2012

A government critic has been detained, apparently without charge, for more than a week for peacefully expressing his right to freedom of expression.

Urgent Action       AMR 25/013/2012

Cuba: Brothers arrested after listening to hip-hop
22 March 2012

Two brothers are currently serving prison sentences in Cuba for politically motivated offences. They are prisoners of conscience, detained solely for ...

Urgent Action       AMR 25/011/2012

Cuba: Cuban couple detained for protest activities
22 March 2012

A Cuban couple have been detained on trumped up charges in response to taking part in peaceful protests which criticise the government. They are ...

Urgent Action       AMR 25/010/2012

Cuba: Routine repression: Political short-term detentions and ...
22 March 2012

The Cuban government wages a permanent campaign of harassment and short-term detentions of political opponents to stop them from demanding ...

Report       AMR 25/007/2012

Amnesty International | Sharp rise in harassment and attacks ...
22 March 2012

Harassment and detention of political dissidents, human rights activists, journalists and bloggers across Cuba has risen sharply over the past 24 months ...

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Cuba: Further information: José Daniel Ferrer Garcia released
28 February 2012

José Daniel Ferrer García, who was detained on 21 February, was released without charge on 24 February.

Urgent Action       AMR 25/006/2012

Cuba: Ex prisoner of conscience believed detained: José ...
23 February 2012

Former prisoner of conscience José Daniel Ferrer García's whereabouts are unknown following his alleged arrest in central Havana, Cuba, on 21 February ...

Urgent Action       AMR 25/005/2012

Cuba: Further Information: Screening postponed as blogger ...
10 February 2012

Following the Cuban authorities´ refusal to grant Cuban blogger Yoani Sánchez permission to travel to Brazil to attend a documentary screening on freedom ...

Urgent Action       AMR 25/004/2012