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Dominican Republic: Challenging discrimination in the ...
9 November 2008

Discrimination on grounds of race, language, skin colour and nationality is an everyday reality for many Haitian migrant workers and Dominicans of Haitian ...

Document       AMR 27/003/2008

República Dominicana: Hacer frente a la discriminación en la ...
9 November 2008

República Dominicana: Hacer frente a la discriminación en la República Dominicana

Document       AMR 27/003/2008

Dominican Republic: Fear for safety/death threats
22 July 2008

People who appear to be linked to the authorities have abducted and assaulted a woman whose husband is of Haitian descent, and so faces official ...

Urgent Action       AMR 27/002/2008

Dominican Republic: Further Information on UA 288/07: Fear ...
11 January 2008

Johnny Rivas and his family are being intimidated by anti-migrant protestors as a result of his work as the coordinator of the Solidarity Associations of ...

Urgent Action       AMR 27/001/2008

Migrants' rights are human rights | Amnesty International
18 December 2007

One person in every 35 lives outside the country in which they wereborn. Many of those are migrant workers or their family members.


Dominican Republic: Discrimination at Birth: Haitian Migrants ...
18 December 2007

This focus sheet considers the discrimination faced by Haitian migrant workers and some Dominicans of Haitian descent when trying to register the birth ...

Document       AMR 27/006/2007

Dominican Republic: Forced eviction
5 December 2007

Scores of police and soldiers forcibly evicted 45 families including minors on 1 December 2007 from their homes in Villa Venecia de Pantoja, in Santo ...

Urgent Action       AMR 27/007/2007

The Wire, December 2007. Vol. 37, No. 11
1 December 2007

1) Needed but unwanted 2) Habeas corpus denied 3) Education system still failing Romani children in Slovakia 4) Training event addresses Roma ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/011/2007

Dominican Republic: Fear for safety/ Death threats
2 November 2007

At midnight on 28 October 2007, a group of Haitian migrant workers and Dominicans of Haitian descent living in the community of Ranchadero were ...

Urgent Action       AMR 27/005/2007