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Amnesty International  Report 2013

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Israel/OPT: Civilian population of Israel and Gaza at risk
22 August 2014

Thousands of Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip are under threat from indiscriminate, disproportionate, or other forms of sea, air and ground attacks ...

Urgent Action       MDE 15/025/2014

Syria: Voices in crisis: A monthly insight into the human rights ...
22 August 2014

1 AUGUST 2014 SYRIA: VOICES IN CRISIS. The mainly Kurdish- populated border city of Kobani (also known by its Arabic ...

Newsletter       MDE 24/036/2014

Saudi Arabia: further informtation: Hajras al-Qurey days away ...
21 August 2014

Hajras al-Qurey, a Saudi Arabian man sentenced to death for drug trafficking after an unfair trial, is now scheduled to be executed on Monday 25 August ...

Urgent Action       MDE 23/020/2014

Israel: Provide Rights Groups Access to Gaza
20 August 2014

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PUBLIC STATEMENT. Index: MDE 15/024/2014. 20 August 2014. Israel: Provide Rights Groups Access to Gaza. ...

Public Statement       MDE 15/024/2014

Kuwait: further information: Bidun activists released
19 August 2014

Kuwaiti Bidun activists 'Abdulhakim al-Fadhli and 'Abdullah 'Atallah were released on 6 and 14 August, respectively.

Urgent Action       MDE 17/006/2014

Egypt: Syrian-Palestinians face forcible return
15 August 2014

The Egyptian authorities are preparing to forcibly return two Palestinian refugees from Syria back to Syria or to Gaza. The men were part of a group ...

Urgent Action       MDE 12/043/2014

Saudi Arabia: further information: Shi'a cleric jailed after ...
14 August 2014

A prominent Saudi Arabian Shi'a cleric has been sentenced to eight years in prison and banned from delivering religious sermons, for criticizing ...

Urgent Action       MDE 23/019/2014

Egypt: Memorandum: Egypt's draft law on associations
13 August 2014

Amnesty International is greatly concerned by aspects of the draft law on associations which would replace current law no 84/2002. The draft law was ...

Document       MDE 12/045/2014

Egypt: court to try 494 people over protests
13 August 2014

A court in Cairo is due to try 494 people for their alleged role in violence during protests in August 2013, in a case which may lead to mass death sentences ...

Urgent Action       MDE 12/042/2014

Saudi Arabia: Death sentence for "drug smuggling": Hajras bin ...
12 August 2014

A man convicted of drug-smuggling is at imminent risk of execution in Saudi Arabia. He says he has been tortured and received an unfair trial.

Urgent Action       MDE 23/018/2014