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Ecuador: Death threats
22 May 2009

A government official has threatened to kill human rights defenders Joel Vicente Zhunio Samaniego and Wilmar Fernando Mejia Reinoso. Human rights ...

Urgent Action       AMR 28/002/2009

Ecuador: Fear for safety/death threats
10 February 2009

Police Officer, Leidy Johanna Vélez Moreira and her family have been subjected to an ongoing campaign of intimidation by the police since October ...

Urgent Action       AMR 28/001/2009

The Wire, December 2008: Universal Declaration of Human ...
1 December 2008

1) Yours to enjoy, yours to protect 2) Fire up! 3) Small places 4) Honduras: Fears of impunity after convicted police officers escape 5) Livewire: En route ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/009/2008

Defensa del medio ambiente en ecuador.
9 November 2008

Defensa del medio ambiente en ecuador.

Document       AMR 28/002/2008

Ecuador: Standing up for the environment in Ecuador: The ...
9 November 2008

Esther Landetta Chica is a leading member of the community-based Assembly for the Defence of Our Rivers Gala, Chico, Tenguel and River Siete. She ...

Document       AMR 28/002/2008

Ecuador: Further information on possible prisoner of ...
2 October 2008

After almost 10 months in jail Guadalupe Llori was acquitted of all charges on 19 September 2008. According to the terms of the acquittal, she should ...

Urgent Action       AMR 28/003/2008

Ecuador: Possible prisoner of conscience/legal concern ...
25 March 2008

Guadalupe Llori, the governor (prefecta) of the province of Orellana is being detained in the El Inca women's prison in the capital, Quito, on what appear ...

Urgent Action       AMR 28/001/2008

Ecuador: Further information on fear for safety
24 August 2007

Jaime Polivio P rez Lucero was reportedly threatened in the street on 4 August and, according to a police account of the incident, would have been ...

Urgent Action       AMR 28/003/2007

Ecuador: Fear for safety
25 July 2007

According to reports, community leader Jaime Polivio P rez Lucero (m) has been threatened and activist Mercy Catalina Torres Ter n (f) has been attacked ...

Urgent Action       AMR 28/002/2007

Ecuador: Further information on fear for safety
3 November 2006

A group of people apparently tried to break into Guadalupe de Heredia's house during the night of 23 October, but fled after a security guard from a nearby ...

Urgent Action       AMR 28/009/2006